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When we see the kids from the streets here, they are just like the kids we met in India, or the kids we met in South Africa and Kenya.  Every face that i look at feels familiar for some reason.  As if they are already known to me.  I cant speak their language yet the love in their hearts and the love in my heart is the same.  We are all known to each other.

There are many good people that we are meeting here.  They work with determination, with faith, and with unconditional love for the people.  We heard a Christian Pastor speak about his life and his inspiration today.  If I would have closed my eyes I would have felt as if I was back home at Manav Sadhna in India, listening to Virenbhai, Jayeshbhai and Anarbhen speak about what they do there.

There is love everywhere and goodness pervades through every soul on this earth.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by people and opportunities that help bring that out in every moment.

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  • It is incredibly comforting to realize that where ever we go in this world, there is our family. Because your soul is so pure, everyone mirrored back will be a reflection of yourself.

    Thank you for bringing the family home to us. Thank you for making us feel as if we’re home with you. Thank you for expanding our family.

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