Be the Cause


Today I…
Had a “Healthy Breakfast”
Ran to the edge of South Africa (Cape of Good Hope)
I swam with penguins… (well, it was too cold so the penguins were on the rocks)
Got a “lova” letter from a little boy at the HOKISA home
Had a filling South African – Indian Dinner
Reflected on our hectic, well-organized and limit-pushing trip
Now, it’s midnight… I need to…
Go back and pack for Durban tomorrow!


  • Caroline

    Hey Sonali – just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and the rest of your group. Hope you are having a great experience!


  • Hey Sonali – I am thinking of you and the rest of your group! Hope all is well in S Africa and that you are having an amazing experience!


  • Elsa

    Keep doing what you do best…inspiring & helping others and letting us live vicariously through your wonderful writing. Stay safe and see you soon.

  • Elsa

    (Let me try this again)
    Keep doing what you do best, inspiring and helping others. I’ll keep living vicariously through something else you do so well, writing. Stay safe and enjoy it all, for me and everyone else who couldn’t go with you.

  • Karla

    Hey Darlin’- Keep the updated coming! We’re thinking of you. Safe travels & blessings- Karla

  • Nicole

    Hey Sonali- so insiprational. Wonderful lifelong experiences- I can’t wait to see the pictures…love you lots, nic.

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