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San Salvador…

All 16 of us arrived in San Salvador a few hours ago.  The four hour flight passed by without incident.  Some of the travelers have gone out of the airport to check out the town while the others are staying at the terminal to rest.  I’ve found a nice place to surf the web :)

Leaving LAX airport was great.  When we arrived at the airport we were greeted with a welcome committee: a group of volunteers that weren’t traveling with us but wanted to wish us well.  Each one of us travelers was handed a goodie bag which contained a water bottle with a personalized quote, a pita sandwich, homemade chocolate, and some candy canes that we could give away in South America (I already gave one away to a child next to me on the plane).  In addition, the welcome committee created a going away booklet which contained messages from some of our friends wishing us well.

Thank you for the warm send-off.  We keep you in our hearts as we travel forward.

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  • Guri

    Wishing you all a safe journey to Equador. May you find open arms and open hearts everywhere you go.

    Happy Journey,

  • Bon voyage! I look forward to hearing about the service riots that you create in Ecuador and Peru.

    With you in Spirit,


  • To my sister Criselda how are you doing? Are you enjoying yourself? How is the climate and its people?hope ur enjoying and learning about the country and its culture. My prayers are with you and the rest of the group. Remmber the llamas stay behind the two legged ones.HA HA!, Happy Holidays to all of you and be careful watch out for strangers. Miss you and love you Isabel

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