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It is 5:30pm Friday and Mike and I are getting ready to leave for his employee Christmas party, where I plan to consume mucho vino with the intent of sedating all the butterflies rampaging in my stomach.  I am less anxious than I have been for the last week and more just plain excited to be setting off an adventure again after so many years.  I am truly blessed to have met the 15 other wonderful people who are journeying with me and am looking forward to knowing them all much more intimately in the coming days (there’s nothing like sharing a room with a stranger to force you into instant camaraderie – or else!)  Our flight leaves at 1:20 am, we have a lay over in El Salvador, but should be in Lima Peru just around this time tomorrow!  Send all your white light and blessings to surround our plane.  Be in touch soon…

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  • gianna

    I felt an aching inside of me…knowing u all are leaving and I can’t go with you this time. But I also felt such a glow of warmth and a feeling of pride…for all the lives you will all be affecting…you were all meant to do this and it’s like 16 heroes and heroines going off to fight a war…meaning, it may be difficult, uncomfortable, eye-opening, yet it will also be life changing, inspirational, heart centering, and somehow, you will always have a fine golden thread that will connect you and those you have traveled with–Yvette, as you mention: “there’s nothing like sharing a room with a stranger to force you into instant camaraderie – or else!”–Your wisdom here is very accurate. Ha! This is so true.

    using the analogy of war is not my favorite, but some wars need to be fought and I say bringing more light into the world by gifting love, kindness, compassion to others is the greatest cause out there…there’s no need for enemies, weapons, pain and with this said, I share with you all this quote…because I believe your intentions of bringing good into the world are as sweet and powerful as this…

    “I will make love my greatest weapon and none on who i call can defend against its force…my love will melt all hearts liken to the sun whose rays soften the coldest day.”—Og Mandino

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