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What a day!!

Today we visited the Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean at the southern most point of the African continent. WOW! After that, we visited a very special orphanage, HOKISA. This is the orphanage who was one of the beneficiaries of the Walk for Hope and Ben and I personally donate money to this orphanage each month. I was so inspired by the work being done there. HOKISA operates in the center of a township. In addition to taking care of children who are seriously ill with HIV/AIDS, they also employ people from the township to work in the center. They try to work with the community to help break down the social stigma that keeps many people in South Africa from seeking treatment for HIV/AIDS. I am inspired and excited to get back to OC so I can double my recycling efforts so we can support HOKISA even more. The kids there looked so happy, its hard to believe they are so sick. There is so much work that has to be done in South Africa, but people here are so enthusiastic about the future of their country. I talked to a man today who volunteers at HOKISA and lives in a tin shack in the township. He is so excited about the progress his country has made in the 10years since apartaid ended. I found it ironic that he was so positive about his country in spite of some pretty horrible conditions that exist in the townships, and the lingering racial issues, and HIV/AIDS, and I live in the richest, most advanced country in the world and I dont have even a fraction of that enthusiasm about the situation in my country. This trip is only half way over, but so far its been heartbreaking, shocking, joyful, and inspirational… and this is only day 5!!!


  • Stephanie Hughes

    wow, Michele!! That sounds great. I am glad you are all safe. You guys really sound like you are making a big difference in peoples lives and will never be forgotten. Have a safe trip to Durban. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. Steph

  • Ann Nguyen

    Hi Michele and all,
    I continue to be inspired by your journal writings. I am so glad that you got to see the work of Hokisa. I am also glad that you get to see the beauty of Africa, both in the people and the scenery. I think that it is true that we are sometimes so blind to the rest of the world when we live in an affluent country like America. I thank you for continuing to challenge me.
    Stay safe, stay open to the lessons given to you and come back wiser than when you left.

    My love to Africa.

    Ann Nguyen

  • Ben

    I am so happy that you are doing something noble. So now chelacheloo you know where the two ocean meet. I am trying to read the journals of everybody and I am so happy to read only positives ones. I will do more to collect cans and bottles to be able to make more money to help. It is ironic to see that people in poor countries have hope. It is because that it all left for them or they see that better

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