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Letter from Nitesh Jain

Nitesh Jain called the Seva Cafe (Long Beach) this Saturday evening.  We put him on speakerphone and all the guests and volunteers had an opportunity to hear what he had to say.  Here is what he said:
First of all Hi & Namaste to everybody…..I hope everything is being happening nice on that side 

Last year 13 October….One concept started in Ahmedabad with some committed volunteers of this World with the help of God…….to serve all & love all

Many Volunteers came and many gone and still much more are coming from different part of this beautiful world. Many explore them self and some of them  also explore outer world afterwards.

Many Guests visited and still much more are visiting. And all became a big family……….which have no diffrence on basis of religion, caste, society, colour!!! 

This story continues and another Seva Cafe started in our own world & on our own earth but at another side of this earth in Long Beach , California at Royal Coffee Cafe Cup…with same concept & same aim……..of Living is Giving…….to serve all & love all to each & every person walk in Seva Cafe……..

And all my friends – the concept I am talking about  is “GUEST IS GOD” -  Living is Giving……. with serving all & loving all

And I am sure one day will come & there will be no Guest remain in this world…because whole world will become a big & huge family…… 

Special Thanks to Royal Cup team to give such a nice opportunity to start Seva Cafe….

This is what all I have to say……….Thank you all of you to listen me in so peaceful & silent manner…….Thank you all once again….Love All , Serve All – Living is Giving


Always in Service for You and Everybody…….Nitesh
Walking Towards Reality to search Nitesh Jain!!!!!!!

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