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Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Mahatma Ghandi said: “… We are one undivided & indivisible family… .” It was with that energy we served the children who came to share Thanksgiving Day with us. With the help of Stand Up For Kids, 11 boys & girls, accustomed to living life on the streets of Long Beach & Orange County, enjoyed a traditional meal at the Royal Cup Cafe in Long Beach, the very same haven we lovingly call the Seva Cafe.

Thanks to a very successful food drive & generous donations, over 20 volunteers gathered together to cook, set-up, decorate, serve & make it a genuine feast for these kids – our kids.

In addition, each kid received a gift bag with a t-shirt, inspirational quote book, food & much more. All the extra food was packaged in take-out containers & distributed at nearby Lincoln Park.

I can’t convey the immense priviledge we felt as volunteers to be of service to our youth. Standing in their midst, it was so evident to us that none of us lives this life alone… as an island. But that we’re all inter-connected, somehow united in this intricately woven fabric. The precious homeless child on the corner of the street, the Be The Cause volunteer, and he that donated the can of green beans. Together – we came together as one.

On Thanksgiving Day, we shed tears of sorrow, applauded as each child was introduced by their Stand Up For Kids counselor, & stood in awe of all the love that enveloped that room.

Our sincerest gratitude goes to each & every volunteer, those behind the scenes as well as those who served on that special day. Thank you to Rajeev for opening his arms & his doors to us, & for donating 3 turkey dinners as well. Thank you to Michele Benderra & her family for their tireless attention to the details.

It was an unforgettable Thanksgiving Day with “the family.”

Check out the pictures!

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  • Sukh

    Sonali, … and thank you for the inspiration to put this on. It was great to be with family on this day. As each moment passes, and each new stranger sticks out his hand, the circle of our family expands just a little more. Knowing you has created an expansion in my own heart.

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