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Seva Cafe Comments – Nov 25, 2006

Comments from the Nov 25th Seva Cafe in Long Beach:

This was my first time at the Seva Cafe and it was amazing how I could feel the warmth and love from the moment I walked in – I could see it in the faces of the volunteers, and taste it in my food that was lovingly prepared.  You do a beautiful thing here, you have no idea how coming here has brightened my day, and I hope I can share that beauty with other people I meet.  Thank you so much.

Thanks again for the wonderful service you guys do for the community.  I think it is absolutely amazing what you guys do.  You make anyone who sits down in the Cafe feel welcomed & comforted.  I hope you continue to provide this service.  DEEP WITHIN EVERYONE IS SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL THAT NEEDS TO BE SOWN.. WHAT YOU HAVE HERE IS BEAUTIFUL… THANK YOU :)

Seva Cafe! Thank you for the seeds of inspiration and the unconditional love you serve your guests.  The food is excellent and the service is “out of this world” :) !  We will be back – often!  And really hope to be of service and in service with you (Be the Cause). – Nancy (Stand up 4 kids).

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