Be the Cause

Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower – Shigenori Kameoka

Below are what guests had to say about this week’s quote:

Be the source of your own passion.  Take the necessary steps towards acheiving your dreams because no one else is going to realize them for you.

Everyone of us has goodness inside.  Sometimes it just takes some looking in, finding what’s there, and pulling it out.  Love is the opposite of Fear.  With fear we remain closed, with Love we are Free.  With Love we extend outward, we reach inside and give our hearts away with open arms.

Thank you Seva Cafe for such an awesome experience.  I love the cheerful vibes surrounding me.  The quote means to me, that the seeds to do good exist in every person.  Service and Love is what provides the nourishment to help the seeds grow into a flower.  Each day we come into Seva Cafe our seeds grow a little more.  Thank you for providing a place that feeds more than the stomach, but nourishes the soul.

Everyone has a seed to produce prosperity for yourself and everyone else with plenty to spare.  The task is to take care of your heart as if it was a seed, give it love and care.  Even more so to find the seed inside yourself. – Aaroin the great.

Life brings many opportunities.  Follow the seed in your heart and love and happines will follow. – Blake

A planted seed produces aurn of indulgent haze – Brett

Basically you can achieve anything as long as you believe in it deep down inside – Lorraine S

Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do anything cause the truth is you can do anything you set your mind on.  Try it, and you will see. – Jackie

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