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Today is only the 4th full day of our trip. It feels like a long time. We have experienced so much. We cleaned an orphanage,, from cleaining toilets to creating a “slip and slide” floor for the kids while attempting to mop a large hall! We had a picnic with street kids and listened to their life stories like little kids. Drums were pounced and dancing was non stop on the sand…. that even tourists above near the streets stopped to watch. The kids had alot of fun, as did we. We all visited the mountain that provides the vitality of cape town….water. An absolutely breathtaking place, better then the pictures. We also visited Agape orphanage last nite, interacted with the kids, bathed and feed them and put them to sleep. Some good old fashioned love. Just 3 days.. and I have experienced so much. I have so many feelings and thoughts that I have not even had time to process them; which is ok. I will just accept them for now as they are. Missing everyone much back home. We are all truly blessed to have what we have.

Love Karuna


  • Peter Bunge

    Hello Gianna and BTC gang.
    Thank you for including me/us on your trip by sharing your adventures. I am really impressed by the ways you guys interact with, and serve people. You are each wonderful ambassadors of Love that the USA sorely needs. I felt moved by the way the kids and the BTC group played with the children and created a carefree space, even if for only an afternoon, such a gift!

    I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to experience such stark contrasts of beauty and despair, as Brenda conveyed deeply, yet the process of healing; bringing joy and light into despair and darkness, even if only for a moment, can have mysteriously miraculous effects.

    My thoughts and love are with you, especially around 8 am your time.


  • Ann Nguyen


    I enjoyed your comments about some good old fashioned love. It seems to me that our whole purpose in life is to love. It seems easier to love people that we have a connection with. In reality we are all connected. I so look forward to reading the entries you make as you journey. I know that you cannot put all your thoughts and feelings down, but it does help me to see you there. I imagine the joy of the children when you are with them. I think of all of you all the time and continue to pray for you all. I believe the steps you are taking are great steps for humankind. Whenever we go out of our own self centredness we can discover the beauty of our world.

    Keep well. Send my love to all of Africa.

    Ann Nguyen

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