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Soul/Spirit Break

Most of us if not all of us have at one time or another experienced an emotional or a mental heart break sometime in our lives… Some of us are heart broken as i write and you read, but is it possible to experience a Soul/ Spirit Break?
It is… It took someone to break my heart it was not done alone, it took someone to break my soul/spirit it was not accomplished alone either , and Now to begin the healing process I will need Help to heal and put back together my Soul/Spirit, most importantly that person and those people who have broken my soul/ spirit need help as well, The healing process requires LOVE, HOPE and HELP. Lets begin the healing process… not just In South Africa but everywhere that is needed.
Broken but slowly healing

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  • Ann Nguyen


    Just read your comment about heart break and soul and spirit break. The whole earth aches at the the atrocities that have occured in the name of humankind. We can’t hide from it, but if we face it we may be able to work through it. The guide who showed you around Robben Island has been through the heartache and is now able to work through it. If it is possible for him then it is possible for everyone.’
    ‘You are all very much in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love and Peace,

    Ann Nguyen

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