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Seva Cafe – Guest Comments – Weeks 11-13

(Below are comments from guests of the Seva Cafe)

Seva Café is a great concept and Kudos! to Sukh and his team for their inspiration and effort to involve youngsters and spread positive energy to one and all. Our week end visit at the Seva Café was truly rewarding. It indeed is a magical place to be with energetic youngsters all around. We felt right at home with every one being so warm and friendly. It was amazing to watch the selfless dedicated workers dance, sing and serve with a smile to their guests. We are very proud of all of you and we wish you every success for your future. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment and yummy sandwiches.

Uma and Dev Sridharan, Dallas , TX.

Thank you to Sukh and all the Be the Cause volunteers for starting the Seva Cafe. I had such a beuatiful and fun experience with my friends….and the food is out of this world! Thank you for setting a wonderful example to the rest of us locals.
Love and Namaste,

Haleema Sood

Keep thinking of new ways to inspire universal brotherhood. This was a great example.

Peace, Love, and Harmony


Seva Service,

If not now – when?!

Thank you for your Graciousness.

In Gratitude,

Gloria Maria & Don

Very great, the idea of people not charging for service and not expecting a set amount of payment for it. Really makes one see their true generosity.


I love all love it! Everything was delicious and seasoned perfect with love.



Thanks so much – incredible food, energy, people…

Sat Nam

Aloha and Talofa!!

What an amazing night at Seva Cafe! Spending the time with friends and family…celebrating Michelle’s birthday, Ben’s accomplishment of 50+ days of being smoke FREE….WOW!! We love you both so much! And of course, to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Nirali. Even though you are thousands of miles away….your spirit abides here with all of us and you are always in our thoughts, prayers and hearts!!! God bless everyone and keep up the wonderful spirit of LOVE!

Laura, Brittany, and Mike

p.s. – Thank you Raj for allowing us to take over your House every Saturday…We love you Brother!!

Excellent Job!

Keep up the good work. Very nice place and food. Enjoyed it very much.

Janet, Catherine, and Noeline

(Below are messages left on Comment Cards by the guests of the Seva Cafe)

Peace isn’t just the absence of war, its a state of mind…

“If I am only for myself – What am I?”

…to be continued…

by Hillel

We loved the veggie paradise sandwich!



the Royal Cup rox!

This was an amazing experience. Being a vegetarian, the menu was too good to be true. And its rare to see so much love/happiness in one place.

– This was better than Prom-

This is a great concept. We would love to come but we are in Jersey so we send our support. God Bless.

Chirag Devika Indraradan Patel

Seva is wonderful. It is fabulous news that you will stay open.



BE! all you were put here to BE.

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