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Happy Birthday – SEVA CAFE Ahmedabad,India

13th October 2005 – SEVA CAFE – Ahmedabad,India

A place started by some comitted social worker in - Ahmedabad –  who works for mankind serving with a concept of “Guest is God” and involve more people into the work of mankind serving and helping poor people………..and its goes on and on and on….new Guest came….explore their life…collected and got experience…and spread into other parts of country and world……and the story continues…….and on 13th October 2006…..1 year completed of this wonderful experience……during this 1 year lots of this happens…..SEVA CAFE….started in Long Beach,California….with same concept and thoughts..and story continues….



  • Sukh

    Seva Cafe is a haven for so many of us. All of us here in Long Beach are grateful to the individual or the team of individuals who helped launch the Seva Cafe in India. Without that idea coming into fruition over there, that idea could never have come into fruition over here. The power of the work that you all have accomplished has literally crossed boundries, crossed to the other side of the globe, and has a planted a seed in our hearts that is bearing much fruit.

    We are internally, eternally grateful.

  • Sukh

    Srikanth pointed out that at the exact same time you all were celebrating the One Year anniversary in India, we were celebrating the 3 month anniversary over here. Intially we had decided to only run the Seva Cafe as an experiment for 3 months, so the 3 month milestone was an important one for us.

    Just another incident to show us that we are always together.


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