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Now is the Time

Time after time the Healing Sounds event at the Houston Hospice turns out to be a profound experience for many of us volunteers. This time I came fact-to-face with a little angle. Only three days old, Emily was absolutely precious. It felt as though she was there just to bless us all who came in contact with her during her short journey. Except for her cleft lip and palate, Emily appeared to be a perfectly healthy baby. She was quiet and peaceful. Once in a while though she would open her tiny little eyes and stare at me. She was the most beautiful child I have ever seen, and I just could not believe when I was told that Emily had developmental problems during gestation and that she may not have as many as three more days to live. It was just so heart-breaking to hear that that I don’t question why her mother could not bare to be with her at the hospice.

As I held Emily in my arms, I started to wonder, “What would she tell me if she could speak?” Just then I realized that her very presence communicated a lot. It was as if the radiance on her face was suggesting that she knew that her time was short, but many of us are not so lucky to know how much longer we have, and, therefore, take things for granted. It was as if the beauty on her face was compelling me to go hug someone, to show how much I care, and not wait a second longer to do so because now is the time.

If you have ever hesitated or held back from listening to and following your heart, then now is the time. Don’t even wait a second longer because now and only now is the time.

Goodbye little angel and thank you for reminding us how precious each moment is.



  • michele

    Thank you.

  • Manuri

    I’ve been given so many reminders this weekend of how precious our time is. Thank you for being another reminder.

  • maushmi

    This is so touching….so touching that I cannot find any words to express the depth of my feeling…very beautifully expressed….


    What a blessed opportunity you got from the Heavens Maushmi that you got that special message from the little angel.

    Keep up the good work and needless to say, you inspire me in many many ways than one.


    Dear Maushmi, Thanks for introducing us to the Hospice. It was quite an experience. For me, it felt that the patients were resting peacefully as though waiting to go to a more peaceful place. Somehow, contrary to my expectation, I felt a lot of peace. I felt a lot of peace among the family members too although they were going to say goodbye to their loved one. It showed me how love is so strong; even when the patient was not conscious and would probably never wake up, the family was there no matter what. Thanks for the wonderful work you do. You are an inspiration!

    Lata Shirname-More, Ph.D.

    Thank you, Maushimi. Life is precious. God intended it so. You wrote it so beautiful!
    This is early in the morning and I am preparing to love the children at school.
    May you have a blessed day.
    Mrs. McCAll

    Beautiful – thanks for sharing. Patsy

    Very nice and compassionate. Dr. Henry Pownall

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