Be the Cause

Living as a reminder

My brother fell today.  He had been standing for far too long.  The earth crumbled beneath him, all we could do was watch.  He just slipped away.

Jim Sun, MBA Graduating Class of 2000. 
It reminds me that we are all vulnerable.  None of us can escape the thoughts that run through our minds.  Sometimes life gets the better of us, sometimes we can get up fighting again, but sometimes our thoughts don’t give us a way out.  Sometimes the battle of life is between us and our own minds.  Between giving in and letting go.
Today you have fallen, and yet something within me gives rise: a responsibility to love harder than I have ever loved before.  That seems to be the only way to accept what is happening. 
I watch drops of water fall from the sky knowing that one day they will return upward again.  The cycle of life and death continues.  Death gives birth to something new.  Now you are one with everything, a part of the very air I breath.  I feel closer to you than I have ever felt.  Now nothing seperates us. 
Hours later I find myself at a birthday party.  Birth and Death tied together in every moment.  The span of our entire lives is but a mere snapshot in time.  Death an inevitable part of life.
It becomes apparent.  Our degrees and our resumes cannot shelter us from what is most important in life.  In the short time that we are here, I just hope that we are moving in the right direction.  What’s important?  Right now its family, love and service.
Jim, I’m sorry.

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