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Larry and Tony

From Biba:

My most inspiring moment at Walk for hope was the moment I discovered what it meant for one determined soul. As Luz and I joyfully crossed all the precious walkers of the Walk for hope at the main gates. One guest and soul really touch our lives. Mr. Larry entered the main gates, by foot, at approximately 12:15pm. He seemed dazed and confused, tired, but full of joy and determination. We asked him if he needed some help. He asked us to show him the way to the registration for the Walk For Hope. Signs were starting to be taken down. So we told him that he could start the walk from where he was standing and continue walking and see the remaining quotes that were located from the Main gates to the registration booths. Where he could then easily register after the inspirational journey. But we could see the tiredness on this gentleman’s face. And then he spoke, and we became inspired. He gently told us that he was tired. He relayed his journey to us ~ Mr. Larry arrived via a bus all the way from downtown Los Angeles. Where the bus dropped him off two miles away from Eldorado park, where he walked all the way from the bus stop to the park. Wow, this is determination and pure love for the Walk For Hope!      

However upon arrival Mr. Larry was determined to register first. He ask for the way. And I provided him with a short cut to the registration booth. Luz and I finished our precious service and then headed back to the Grove Garden grounds where the festivities and fun and the beautiful volunteers were. The whole time our eyes were on a search for Mr. Larry, hoping to find him and either give him a ride or find him one. We got involved with some tasks, where help was needed.

And while placing boxes and booth material into the big truck, I saw Mr. Larry. He was getting into a car with another gentleman. He found a ride! I ran towards the car. To find out both gentleman’s names so that I could share their great acts of determination and kindness with everyone. And to say thanks to Mr. Larry and Mr. Tony of KPFK for this wonderful experience and lesson of life. Thank you Mr. Larry for your will and efforts and for igniting the power of determination, and especially for your love and passion for the wonderful Walk For Hope.

And Thank you Mr. Tony for your wonderful act of kindness.

– Biba

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  • Manuri

    Situations like this happens everyday. It takes a big heart to notice it. Thank you!

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