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Walk for Hope Comments

The below comments have come from friends on the Walk for Hope:

That was THE BEST Walk for Hope!  You all are so organized and have a great group of dedicated individuals who know how to empower people to make changes in their lives!  
Sherri Loveland
Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment

My Dear Be The Cause Family,
Wow! What an event. Again, you guys rocked it!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the love & opening your arms to all the participants & beneficiaries of this year’s Walk For Hope. The amazing energy & positive vibe throughout the event was felt by so many.
Thank you so much for allowing LifeNets to participate this year & gain so much exposure & support from so many.
I feel honored, rejuvenated & totally blessed after Sunday….. I hope it carries me throughout this year.
Love you all,
Sonali (Fiske)
LifeNets International

Joanne & Sukh,
Joanne, I did forward your thank you to the girls…I will be sure to get
their emails to you soon to include them in the happenings of TIAS ARMS &
BE THE CAUSE. Thank you to both you and Sukh for taking the time to spend
with these girls on such a busy day, this meant a lot to me as well as
the young ladies of Webb. They are motivated, even more so, and enthused
about community service from Walk for Hope and Be the Cause. They
couldn’t get enough literature from the booths and learning about all the
needs around the world. I am sure we will be seeing them again.

Thank you for the reminder!! I had a very special time participating on the Walk of Hope.  It was truly a blessing to know that we can do our part to help others in need. I am very interested in contributing more and possibly volunteering.   If you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate them!!
Thank you!!!
Long Beach

I feel awe and gratitude to you and the others who “birthed” the Walk and continue to bring it to life………
– Bill

I just wanted to say that I did enjoy the Walk for Hope (yes, I was there, towards the end).  The quotes were just wonderful.  […] A good number of (the quotes) had fallen down when  I got to them (the wind was strong; the best I could do  for most of them was to orient them on the ground so that they faced towards the walkers).  By the way, the bananas and the water were a nice touch; I had a couple of the bananas.  Thanks. – GeoffBy the way, the bananas and the water were a nice touch; I had a couple of the bananas.  Thanks. – Geoff  

Dear Sukh and Michelle,
     First of all, congratulations for a very wonderful day at the Walk for Hope.  Be the Cause continues to be a beacon for the rest of us.  For through your service, we can continue to do our work.  Thank you!
     Secondly, Tias Arms had 51 walkers that I can account for.  Rough figures are coming in around $3,000.
I know that you know how far that goes in S.Africa.  It is particularly timely as I can proudly say to our children and their care-takers, that Be the Cause continues to contribute to their comfort and HOPE.
     I leave on Oct 6th and return on Nov 4th.  I will carry you in my heart and share the warm arms of love when I hold these children on your behalf.  Thank you for so much.  I love you all.   Joanne (Tias Arms)

Sukh and Michele,
Congratulations on another successful Walk for Hope! The event yesterday was so entertaining and inspiring and we at NextAid are so proud to have participated in it.
Thanks for all your support,

It was a great day and I was postively affected by the whole experience. – Rij


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