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Big Hike

Today, some of us got up at 4 am or so to go on a beautiful hike at Table Mountain with our wonderful guide, Luke Angel…
I was so happy to arise…even at this early time…because everywhere from the city of Cape Town, u can see table mountain and all its glory…one day Sukh pointed out this mountain from where we’re all staying and some of us raced to the windows…a slight breeze was shifting things up and there’s this view of these rocks sitting on top of each other with mist surrounding…it’s not something I’ve really seen before….we were able to see this mountain from the boat as we headed out to Robben Island the other day…and there were more sea creatures than I’m used to seeing…yay! Seals, jellyfish,etc! The views were spectacular…
In regards to service…I am touched by the way ones serve in this community…even amongst the members of the group…hiking down table mountain…a good, exhilarating 4 hr hike or so…had a short spill…something was slick and a few fellow seventeeners were entirely wonderful and helped me get back on my feet…such selflessness doesn’t go unnoticed…mike and manveer were really ultra helpful and it’s highly appreciated….some of us shopping at an African market in cape town, some staying back and later visiting agape orphanage and working with kids…one of our fave highlights…a phenomenal time with street kids of South Africa…the drumming was whoa…with some kids who live on the streets and who struggle daily…for one afternoon, all worries of street kids and volunteers alike were forgotten as we danced, drummed, sang, and jumped into the freezing cold atlantic ocean…These days I will never forget…. :)

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  • Geoff

    Great post Gianna! We must be humble AND shine out light brightly, so others can do the same!

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