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Seva Cafe Comments… from India

As many of you know, the Seva Cafe in Long Beach was inspired by the original Seva Cafe in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  Our partner in service from across the seas, Nitesh Jain, will be sending us updates from the original Seva Cafe.

Here are some comments that were added recently to the comment book in India:

I am speechless about this restaurant. Beyond a miracle – the most amazing spectacle of personal dedication that I have ever witnessed with my own eyes in my life. Love to all who work on this ‘great project’     
– Prashant Shah

It was really great experience for having food with ‘Seva Café’ family. It seems like my dream comes true. 
-  Jitendra, Hema Patel

Food at ‘Seva Café’ seems like having food at my own home. Atmosphere I found was same as my home.I really love it.  
– Unknown

Seems like having food in any new world.    
– Unknown

Joy……..A place to let your soul dance.  
-  Unknown

It’s been extremely difficult (as a gujarati & an amdavadi) to get used to the fact we are not paying for food. Although the food was great, I have to admit that we spent some time in guilt – we aren’t feel like “ordering” any volunteers about or stuff like that. I hope this place survives – it will be a movement to the famous Gujarati Flexibility.
– Kavita Ahauja

It’s UNBELIEVABLE, GREAT, Extraordinary, “SHANTI PURVAK NU SATVIK BHOJAN”…….!! Congratutations & Best of Luck….for GRAND SUCCESS.
– S.K.Patel

An excellent way to expressing love to other people. The service and food was also too good. This leads to feeling of co-operating and thus builds “INDIA” our nation.
– Niket R. Thacker

You have started the concept of making people of whole Ahmedabad to think how to help each other and also each and every citizen. This is most memeorable birthday of my elder son ANSH. Thanking you with heart.
– Ashish, Sejal, Ansh, Manav

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