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At the front of the Seva Cafe is a box full of money.  The box is left unattended, sometimes left wide open.  The box is never locked.  In front of the box is a note with a reminder: “Feel free to take money or leave money for the purpose of conducting acts of kindness”. 

7 weeks ago, we started with $15 in the box.  Despite concerns that leaving an open box with money was dangerous, we now have approximately $125 inside that box.  What’s more is that every week, we encourage someone to reach into the box, take money out and go out and do some good with it.  Most folks are at best intimidated by this notion.  Feeling the burden of the intentions of the original donors can be a bit too much to handle.  None-the-less some folks take the challenge and put the funds (and others’ good intentions) to use.  Every now and then we hear stories of how the funds were used, sometime we even get some photographs.  Below is how Manuri used some of the funds around the globe:

Share the Love Box funds donated at a Temple in Hong Kong.

Donated in Sri Lanka.

Donated to an all girl’s orphanage (25 girls) in Sri Lanka.  These are the kids that parents didn’t want or they were found walking around on the streets of Sri Lanka alone.  I took dinner to them with desert and all…. 2nd day I went back to see them again to give them photos I printed of them.  That time I took ice cream.  But…..  not a single kid went after the ice cream.  They all hung on to me full of smiles.  Can you believe that?  Little kids not going after ice cream?  I realized they need our TIME more than anything else in the world.  None of the food I took mattered much.  Time and love was all they needed. 

dsc03729.JPG     dsc03734.JPG
All boy’s orphanage that needed mats and dry food in Sri Lanka.

Still have $6 to spend in Thailand and Cambodia…

Revised: More from Thailand:

cimg0483.jpg  for-under-privilege-patients.JPG   help-blind-in-thailand.JPG  send-elephants-back-to-nature.JPG



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  • ann

    you don’t talk about it, you don’t brag about it, you don’t analize it, you don’t debate don’t think about it…you just do it.. it should be as natural as breathing.. you just give…no big deal, not a trendy thing or a fad.. not anything new.. just a matter of fact…you.. just.. do.. it…

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