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Guest Comments – Week 6

(Below are Guest Comments from Week 6)

Thank you so very much! What a beautiful genuinely caring experience for myself and my peers. If only the world could learn to have such compassion how lucky we all would be!!
Pheonix House Orange County

Thank you for everything. Love ya.
Kamel (Kamran) from Pakistan

Thank you so much. And I hope it all works out and good luck.

To the Seva Café Staff and Owners:
Thank you so very much fo this opportunity in this giving service. We will be back! Hope to see you at the Walk for Hope on 9/23/06. It was a delightful evening.
Colleen M. Norton, Counselor, Phoenix House, Santa Ana, California

Keep serving in the peace of way.

Thank you very much. You are the best!
Nicole and Amy

Seva Café,
Thank you. Great love you have shown and inspired.

Pay it forward.

Nuestro senor bendiga las manos que cosinaron. Fue muy delicioso.

Thanks for the food. It was great and next I will come again.

May our Lord bless this experiment.

I am amazed at what you guys do to help people in need. Keep up the good work….God Bless.

Thank you for letting me help in a different way. May God Bless you all and everyone in need!
A great idea! Had a blast and I hope you keep it for a long time!!
– Sanjay

Spread the love
– Kunal

Pure Equality

Experiments worth having. Keep balancing the spectrum.

This place is absolutely amazing. I feel the love!
– Munezza

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  • What a great idea! I was so taken with this story, that I’ve posted it on That’s Crispy, a site that is all about recognizing the effort to succeed, and spreading the positive energy that creates.

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