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Dustin’s Experience

(Dustin was at the Seva Cafe launch and as busy as that night was, he washed dishes all night. Every Saturday since, Dustin has come at the end of each night just to help clean up, wash dishes, and to share the love of Seva Cafe. Below he shares what Seva Cafe means to him.)

The Seva Cafe experience has awed me every time I have been fortunate enough to participate. The union of love and service that is created every Saturday is truly breathtaking. I also volunteer for a non-profit that does outreach to homeless youth. I have had one of our teens accompany me a few times to the cafe. She too is taken back by the outpouring of love. She loves the Seva Cafe and wants to be there every week. I enjoy every minute I spend there, and I also appreciate that the cafe has become a haven for some our homeless kids to escape to. Thank you guys

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