Be the Cause

Service by Rabindranath Tagore

serviceThe sun has its role of providing
light, the clouds are decked with
gorgeousness. The grass blade is
worthy of the great world where it
grows. Bees sip honey from
flowers and hum their thanks when
they leave. Be still, my heart, these
great trees are prayers. The dust
receives insult and in return offers
her flowers. The roots below the
earth claim no rewards for making
the branches beautiful. By plucking
her petals one cannot gather the
beauty of the flowers. Let my
service be the service of the
leaves in its shade of humble

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  • Sukh

    That is so heart warming. I also love the picture. It is almost as if the two trees in the picture are connected in the earth somehow… or as if they are actually two halves of the same essence. Everything is connected.

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