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From Rodeo Dr. to Redondo Ave.

I have been telling myself that I should post my thoughts to the Seva Cafe blog. It’s been three weeks now since the launch. Most importantly, I have been saying that I should thank each and every kind soul that has made this project a true “gift from the universe”, week in and week out. But I can’t.
A simple post cannot capture the outpouring of love, compassion, generosity, kindness, and selfless service that I have experienced at the Seva Cafe. It cannot capture the power of Seva, which as Nirali so eloquenty said in her SOS speech, makes ordinary people do extraordinary things.

I am an ordinary person being given an extraordinary opportunity to serve with love.

The Seva Cafe exists because of people like Srini and Dustin, who jumped in during the moderate chaos of the Week 1 launch and got their hands dirty, washing dishes for hours and hours…

The Seva Cafe exists because of people like Laura, who touched all of us in Week 3 through a powerful act of kindness – showering a homeless woman with so much love, hope and compassion…I will never forget the stunning look of gratitude on the woman’s face as she was leaving…

The Seva Cafe exists because of Carolina, Marcella, and Gianna, who not only made the trip to India and volunteered at the original Seva Cafe, but were an integral part (& continue to be) of the experiment here…

The Seva Cafe exists because of the folks at CharityFocus, who drove all the way down from the Bay Area to be with us for the launch and embrace us as part of the Seva family…

The Seva Cafe exists because of Manuri and Raju, who made most of the posters, buttons, and logos in time for our launch and then so seamlessly integrated themselves into unconditionally serving in the coming weeks…

The Seva Cafe exists because of Rajeev, owner of the Royal Cup, who has given us all the opportunity to serve..with love.

and most appropriately,

The Seva Cafe exists because of Sukh, an inspiration to all who have been in contact with him to embrace life and to live it by unconditionally serving others.

Elizabeth, Sudi, Angela, Shwetha, Nimo..the list goes on and on…to all Seva Cafe volunteers, thank you for giving.

And finally, thank you Manav Sadhna for your inspiring acts of compassion and for launching the original Seva Cafe. We may all never realize the true impact Seva Cafe has had and will continue to have on our brothers, sisters, family, friends, neighbors, and complete strangers.

In the spirit of service,


  • Seva Café exists because of people like you……. who believed in the idea wholeheartedly no matter how risky some say it was, who was willing to step up to the plate every single day as the responsibilities were piling up each day.
    Time, energy and love that’s gone into Seva Cafe shows in people’s faces every single Saturday. It was so nice to see brother-sister teams serving last Saturday.

  • gianna

    Your thoughts here Sri…I’m reading this and tears are welling up in my eyes..ready to fall at any minute…just your graciousness in your thanks and just the unbelievable reality…how seva was created here…in one of my fave places..the LBC. I really so appreciate your dedication and love in helping to bring this forth. Your passion for this really is evident and genuine. Thx!!

    Namaste to the 5th power
    and always blessings.


  • Sukh

    …and the Seva Cafe exists because of you. Bringing the right balance of heart and mind, love and intelligence, at the absolute right time. Your dedication to this concept, to this effort, and to this life experience is mind-blowing.

    … and the Seva Cafe exists because of the universe. Creating everything, creating life, and creating the serendipity that brought us together in this way. Sometimes it feels like even the choices we are making are being nurtured by the infinite amount of interactions occuring in each moment.

    … and the Seva Cafe exists because of Amit Syal :) … didn’t we meet through him!

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