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Letter from Biba

Below is an email that my good friend Biba sent after her visit to the Seva Cafe. Biba and her family came to the Seva Café on Saturday immediately after their Aunt’s funeral.

I wanted to say thank you for calling and for leaving that sweet voicemail. We had an amazing experience, full of emotions, at Seva Cafe on Saturday. There is no other place we would have rather been that evening. Our hearts kept telling us that we must be there.. and we listened and went, and all of us came out with such great and profound emotions that are to difficult to put in words. We felt at peace, together, supported, and relaxed. Seva Cafe became a home where we were able to cry together, laugh together, hold one another, relax in each others arms, pray and and thank the almighty, comfortably and with support for all those souls that surrounded us. It also gave us the opportunity to feel the beauty of life by allowing us to celebrate Gurpreets birthday, for which we are all very grateful for. Seva Cafe gave us that comfort Sukh. It gave us wisdom, appreciation, optimism, collectivism, passion, and family. Thank you.


Gosh I wish the whole world could feel the soothing power and feeling of pure love…. I wish the world was one big Seva Cafe!

Thank you….Please thank each volunteer for being who they are and giving what they give…

Peace and smiles,


  • It’s amazing why people come back to Seva Café.

    Some come back for the Seva Chai…some come back for the Portobello mushroom Sandwich…..
    some come back for heavenly chocolate cake…..and many of us go back for a cup of LOVE.

  • Lisa

    This response, to me, truly addresses one hope that I belieive you and others had hoped the Seva cafe would be all about; finding and connecting with your hearts, inner self and feeling at peace, within. In addition, sharing that love with a feeling of compassion among others of like-minded souls that care and savor the goodness of joy, peace, and love.


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