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It’s the simple things…

Our friend Nirali was so right. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can be the most meaningful. This is what struck me last night at the Seva Café. Hugs among old friends – and new friends. Smiles of understanding between perfect strangers. Tasty food to please the senses, and simply beautiful musical artistry to delight and amuse the spirit. Little notes (and doodles) of gratitude and encouragement. Big messages of inspiration in the making (for the Walk for Hope).

Also, random acts of kindness, likely happening all over the place. One simple, beautiful act that I witnessed was a guest inviting a hungry homeless woman off the street to dine with her and her daughter.

On a personal note, I had been looking forward to being a server again last night, mainly because I wanted to get better at it compared to how I felt I’d done on opening night. I just hadn’t felt I’d truly done justice to the whole mind-boggling concept. As it turned out, I was assigned the maitre d role this time. I soon discovered that each time I explained this crazy, radical “experiment” to a new guest, and watched their reactions, the more in sunk in for me. And the more I observed our simple, human interactions, the more I knew we must be on the right track. It doesn’t really matter what my role is. We must be doing something right.

Thank you ALL for the opportunity to be a part of it.


  • Nirali Shah

    Dear Marcella,
    That is such a beautiful post… and you are quite the writer!
    Thank you for sharing your ‘simple’ insights and allowing your beautiful spirit to shine through your selfless service. Even after almost a year… I feel like the Seva Cafe concept is still evolving in my head… and everytime I try to explain it to others, I feel like I am sharing a completely new story with them :)
    As I write this to you… I feel emotional… somehow I feel like I have left a huge part of me with you all. Love you Marcella… You may not know this… but your presence has been very special to my journey in Btc…thank you for all you have done :) -N

  • Shwetha

    In response to Marcella and Sukh’s postings:

    As a newcomer to Seva Cafe, I really did not know what to expect nor did I have any expectations when I arrived for Seva Cafe week 3. Good thing I didn’t, because I ended up having an AMAZING experience. Sukh really put everything into perspective during our orientation, focusing on why we were all there, and what it really meant to serve. It was so much fun meeting all the dedicated volunteers who embraced everything with such maturity and love. You’re right Marcella, the “smiles of understanding between perfect strangers” made the day that much better. So much better in fact, that when I returned home that evening, my face HURT from smiling and laughing so much the whole day. What a great pain to have!! My favorite part of the whole experience was when we all sang Happy Birthday to one of the patrons. The WHOLE cafe, every single person sang to this guy whom most of us didn’t know. How cool is that??
    This is definitely something i’m going to be looking forward to every week…Let the LOVE commence!!

    -Shwetha (yes everyone, I AM Sri’s sister)

  • gianna

    Marcella, it’s so kewl (as Nirali says) that u had such a grand experience last Saturday. I was dancing it up at a wedding but sending good vibes to all of u!!

    I especially love this line you shared with all of us: “And the more I observed our simple, human interactions, the more I knew we must be on the right track. It doesn’t really matter what my role is. We must be doing something right.” Thank u so much Marcella for the light and love you bring and for your loving friendship.

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