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We’ve reached!!!

We’ve reached South Africa and from the plane flight to this second complete day, we’ve reached and connected with so many people. During the long flights (4 hours to Atlanta, and then 20 to Cape Town), BTC was all over the plane, sitting next to strangers. Of course, by the end of the flight, we had even more friends. Mahsa was given a donation from the person sitting next to her, we inspired several folks (Hi Trevor! – My seat neighbor who I managed to talk to tears), and so many others who gave us advice and shared experiences. It was a long flight… but a good indication of the trip we had ahead of us. (By the way – we managed to get the 20 bags/boxes full of “gently used clothing, etc” with only minor questions – so thank you all, the donations are going directly to people who appreciate it!

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  • guys, I just admire all your courage and every good deeds that you a complish there in south Africa. I send you by best wish and good luck
    Pass my greeting to Mahsa

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