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First Day back from Los Angeles

A note from Tarlok Chugh (my father) after visiting Los Angeles for 10 days.

My first day back from Los Angeles;

What has happened to me, what is happening to me, I am numb or I am intoxicated by memories or feelings of my Eleven Days in Los Angeles. I started writing about my stay starting day one. Every individual I met and tried to know them more. Knowing more about them is like knowing more about God, knowing more about qualities of God. Everyone is giving. Giving unconditionally.. like God gives HIS love unconditionally.

An airplane picked me up from Los Angeles and dropped me in Calgary. Have I come back, Yes. Physically. I have left my Heart and Soul behind…. to move forward.

I am cooking food, I am washing clothes, but these chores are unrelated to me, to my thoughts. I got engrossed in writing my feelings, my journey to Los Angeles….
I smell something burning in the kitchen. There is smoke and the vegetable I was cooking is burnt. I feel happy, there is an instant smile on my face. I am enjoying the mistakes I make while lost in the thoughts of my beloved one, BeTheCause Family.

Am I still, relaxed, calm, feel like crying, happy or sad?. I do not know. I do not want to watch TV or listen to radio. I want to feel the presence of silence or I want to hear the words, discussions…….

Seva Cafe……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. What a concept … to sow seeds of service (Seva) in the hearts of every soul entering “Seva Cafe’. When they leave cafe after delicious food, they take with them concept of seva with them as ‘food for thought’.

WOW.. What an atmosphere at Seva Cafe. It looked like people are coming to attend a birthday or wedding party. People are ordering food from the menu with ZERO price value. They are greeted by volunteers of BeTheCause with a smile on their faces and divine light in their eyes. This is unique party. Here everybody is feeling at home. They are talking, discussing and sharing their views about God, Love, Compassion, Kindness, Meditation, Cause & Effects and Service(Seva). People want to know and learn the concept of Seva Cafe.

Godly discussions at Manuri’s place after grand success of Seva Cafe……………………………
Selfless and full of divine energy volunteers gathered at Manuri’s place around midnight to discuss the event. Was this event, with all the efforts of all the volunteers, able to touch one soul to turn to seva?. Were we able to convey the concept to the customers?. Yes. It was grand success from these measurements. All of a sudden I see wings on all the volunteers sitting in the room. They are the Angels sent by God to perform these acts of kindness and spread His message of love in the universe. My “namaskar” to all of you.

Divine discussion at the Beach Party in honor of Nirali………………………………………………
Feelings came us before the words. Words are only trying to express or match our feelings.
Nirali: You are a wonderful person and a sweet soul. You have touched every soul you met. You are brave… you survived surprise beach party… looked like ocean turned into tears. And Nirali says to all,” You have no clue how much I love You”.
“ We won’t miss you, You live in our hearts”.
Nirali: When you were standing on the beach that night, I saw all the water in the ocean came running in the form of waves to touch and wash your feet. Feet that walked all over in the ‘seva’ of humanity.

I was full with so much love and respect I received during my stay that I did not want to talk to any body on the last day of my trip for fear of bursting into tears. But Laura, The Sweetness, was there to take us to the airport. I knew a won’t be able to handle this. We were drowned in our tears. Travel from Sukh Ashram to the airport turned out to be a unique experience. It is amazing that BeTheCause volunteers from different parts of the world with diverse cultures have come together for a common cause of service to humanity. Laura, my Darling Daughter, thank you so much for Candy Garlands made with love, love which is down to the depth of the sea. And a little look of ALOHA, spirit of Healing. I need healing because I have been injured by the Arrow of Love, which came from the Bow of Kindness.
But then who wants to be healed……I wish this wound stays with me for ever ……………..

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  • gianna

    Thank u Tarlok *sukh’s father, for all you stated…appearing on this blog, and all you share in general…it never fails that I am genuinely affected by your words in writing and speech. After the Seva Launch, you spoke and I was very touched as I am here and every time you have written to us when on Seva vacations. Thank you thank you…we are blessed by your words.

    Gianna :)

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