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Wow, what an evening!

Inspiration. That’s what keeps me coming back to Be the Cause. My first experience with BTC was at the 2003 Walk for Hope. I was the recipient of some much needed inspiration. On many occasions since then, I’ve tried to be a source of compassion and awareness so that someone else might feel as inspired as I did that day. I used to say without a doubt that WFH 2003 was my favorite Be the Cause event, but it now must take a 2nd place to the Evening of Awareness this past Saturday, July 1st.

As someone who has organized 5 EOA events since Nov 2004, I am fully aware of how much work goes into just the logistical part of the event. Then there is the important part of trying to share an experience like going to India or South Africa or a social issue like the crisis in Darfur or Human Trafficking, in a way that creates a lasting connection with the people who come to the event.

Having had nothing to do with the planning for the India Evening of Awareness, I didnt know what to expect. I knew it would be special, but I had no idea how special. From the chalk drawings on the ground, to the traditional greeting and the opening prayer, I could tell how much love and thoughtfulness went into every detail of this event. I almost hesitate to call it an “event”. “Experience” sounds more appropriate.

I loved the slide presentation and the unique perspectives that each traveler got to contribute. I never felt like it was too long or redundant. It was really beautiful.

I was literally moved to tears by Nirali’s words. I felt as though she could have been speaking directly to me. I will carry that “SOS” with me always. I even shed a tear or two when Viren was speaking about the kids at Manav Sadhna. I felt like I knew them.

At the end of the event, I felt inspired like I havent felt since WFH 2003. This crazy journey into service made sense again: small things, ordinary people, simple ideas.

I’ll close by saying that my heart is full of gratitude for the opportunity to be friends with such an incredible group of people. Thank you.


  • Sukh

    Inspiration is definetely the reason why I keep coming back! There seems to be a lot of love in this group, and in the people that attend our events. It is almost as if something in the air changes when all these hearts get together.

    Michele, it was also an honor to put together an Evening of Awareness and have you arrive as a “guest”. In some small way, it seemed as if we were able to give you the gift that you have been giving us all this time.

    After the event, I was driving John back and he said that Orange County was on Fire! I understood what he meant. I think it is definetely time to set Orange County ablaze. I hope that whatever we do next will become your next favorite event!


  • Haleema

    Dear Sukh and friends, thank you for sharing the experience of your humanitarian service in India at your India Awareness Night. Your words and the photos have truly left an impression in the hearts of all of us who were fortunate enough to attend! Thank you for the wonderful evening, and thanks for reminding us that we ALL belong to the one world family. Please keep on reminding us that there is a bigger world out there.
    Haleema :)

  • Viren Joshi

    Dear Friends,
    No words are enough to express how I felt spending the 3 days with you all. It was just like I was back in Manav Sadhna India! The same selfless unconditional love. I gained and learned so much from all of you. Starting from a unknown man trying to go for my neck with some bid mala for welcoming me at the airport to listning to beutiful little girls of Laura’s sister praising and adoring Jesus at the Seva Cafe. (Thank God Laura and Britny came to airport with this Oila baba ‘the cause’ for Be The Caue Sukh with no hair on his face!) A unforgetable diner at this very nice place. The reason unforgetable because of listining to you all sharing how you have moved forward in the path of spreading love and service. The path that many of you have chosen, inspired me and will inspire many others. All the energy, love, service and power in the room of the event that evening was just so powerfull for every one present. The evening at THE GARAGE was full of love, spirit, bonding and awesome food. Can’t wait to complete the circle by giving all that love and hugs back to every one at MS India.Thanks to Angela for the meetting with Don at the Free Wheel Chair Mission. Who knows? many more doors of pure service seems to be opening through that down to earth man doing the God’s work. To see, eat lunch and pray at Seva Cafe LA! Bhartiben and Nirali were like sister taking care of me and taking me to places. Beutiful and insperational time spent at the BTC guest house and with Bharatbhai was very special.
    Again… words are just not enough.
    From the bottom of my heart thank you and God bless you all for the love, service, thoughtfull gifts, time and beautiful bonding.

  • Manish

    I had a great time Saturday. Everyone was so positive and devoted to service. It was very inspiring and now you have me thinking. :) Thanks for organizing it.

  • John

    I wanted to thank you all for such an amazing day. It’s funny. You know how there are these sacred spots on the planet where the light seems to be just a little brighter and more nourishing than others? Who would have thought that in just a short time LA would have become one of these places? Your collective spirit is expanding in very real ways and it was definitely nourishing to be around you all.

  • John Thomas

    I was very happy to attend the “Evening in India”…..I enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing the experiences and the food.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Yvette Hill

    Dear Sukh: I wanted to thank you and your wonderful friends for an inspiring evening last night. I had never had the opportunity to sit in such a large-group of like-minded souls before this – I feel like I finally found my tribe! It was truly a beautiful and overwhelming experience.

  • Manuri

    It was so nice to see everyone working together and working so hard for the same goal. Drums, artwork on the floor, welcome group to bless, sari decorations, delicious food…. they all felt like I spend an evening in India & I didn’t even get use my free air miles. =)

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