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Be the Cause Update

As we head into high gear for the last half of this year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished so far.

Through the use of our google adwords campaign and the revamped website, we now get on average 1043 visits to our website… every single day!!! In the month of April alone, 47 people took the time to fill out our volunteer form through the website. That is a lot of people knocking on our doors, looking for opportunities to serve. The beauty of this culminates when we put up an interactive web page asking people what their one wish for the world is. 18 people responded with their wishes:

Four and half years ago, we started with two subscribers. Currently there are 3,855 subscribers to our newsletter!!! 494 subscribers to our Los Angeles Service email list. 160 members on our Houston Service List. 61 members to our high traffic Sharing list. and 31 members on our core communiqué volunteer list.

We have organized and participated in over 100 service projects that span several cities, states, and countries. One of the most inspiring sections on our website is our main gallery site because it pictorially depicts everything we have been up to on one single page. I encourage everyone to take a quick visit to this page, just to catch a recap of all the love that has gone into the last 4 ½ years:

The beauty of the entire operation is that money is the last thing we think about. Somehow everything we have ever needed has always come together. What’s more is that we have been able to raise over $58,913.12 for other organizations. Check out our finance page to see how these funds have been distributed.

At any given time, 20 events put together by different organizations appear on our website. These events are being posted mainly from California but increasingly from other states as well. Check it out:

… not bad for an organization that has no paid staff, no office space, and to this day has not held a fundraiser for its own expenses.

The upcoming challenges that face us include figuring out how to channel all the hits and volunteers on our website into meaningful and fulfilling service opportunities. We also have newer and more innovative projects coming up, including a Seva Café that runs on volunteers and doesn’t charge for meals that we are planning on launching as early as next month!!! How is it all going to come together? We’ll I’m sure it won’t be any different than before, through some hard work, a lot of love, and some coincidences that we may never understand.

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