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South Africa or BUST…

Only a few hours remain until 17 of us settle comfortably into our Delta Air coach seats. My excitement, currently displayed in the shape of anxiety, is rising to the surface. It may have something to do with the fact that I must still pack, or it may well be the coffee/ donut breakfast. Strange as it may be, these nerves do not worry me; a more powerful feeling of calm is shading over this day.

Today I sit in a warm artificially heated room, still complaining quietly about the slight chill…what a luxury this is. It is a conscious effort to move this thought aside. I am eager to let this experience change me. I told myself I would post something, anything onto this blog site before this journey began. So here it is…nothing overwhelming, nothing any more inspirational than the last, and most definetly, nothing well prepared and thought out. My intent is simply to display my thoughts at this very moment; somehow capture this time in my life in print. The thoughts that are flooding my mind right now are basically centered around the logistics (sad but honest) of the luggage, the process at the airport tonight and our safe landing in Capetown. The concern for those three who will continue their journey into the northern region after we return to Los Angeles is also at the top of my mind; their safety in that leg of the trip will be on my mind throughout our two weeks together.

I will end here by asking each one of you to keep the 17 of us in your thoughts and prayers, in whichever form it is which soothes you. I am not sure what is to come, but am sure it will be an amazing experience in regards to the magnificence of the land itself, the personal emotional journey and the deepened relationships within us travellors. Four words before I head off to run frantic last minute errands—South Africa or BUST!

more updates soon…


  • Yoo-Mi Lee

    It’s 9:15pm, 45 minutes before all of you are to meet at the Delta Airlines International Terminal to embark on this amazing journey of service. In my mind, I am frantically driving to the airport to join you. My heart races with excitement, even though when I travel, I rarely get this excited before I actually reach the destination.

    You will love Cape Town – it is beautiful. Please write and send pictures about Robbin Island. I didn’t have a chance to visit when I was there.

    But Durban is something else. Perhaps because we have been inundated with stereotypical images of the Zulu – Kwa Zulu Natal represents South Africa to me. The King is omnipresent, even though the city is so multicultural.

    When I think of Durban, I think of multicolored beer baskets and beads, bunny chow, and surfing competitions interrupted by dolphins. But I also think about infant girls being raped to cure AIDS and the misinformation that pervades the country.

    I know you will all have an incredible spiritual journey. I am with you.

  • Safia Gosla

    I just wanted to send my love:)

  • Ajit

    Hope everything is going well. Reading all these posts is really inspirational. Keep up the good spirits and you will be back in the O.C. watching the J.F. Haaafrrica video in no time! Take Care!

  • Ajit Alexander

    Hope everything is going well. Reading all the posts is really inspirational. Keep up the good spirits and you will be back in the O.C. watching J.F. hAaaafrrrica video soon. Take Care!

  • Ismail Gosla

    We love you. Hope by now you know much about the people who goes thru terrible situation in Africa and realize the blessing what we have hear in US. Hope every thing is going well- I don’t know if you had chance to see half of the Gosla’s in the area. Give my regards to every one in the group. Be safe. See you soon I.A.(God Willng)
    Love from your Dad, Mom, Bhai and Safia & All soon IA.

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