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Beautiful moments of “One”-ness…never to be forgotten. Shukriya!

The other night…some of us went to a movie called, “One”. There are so many things I could say about this film…so many realizations, viewpoints…don’t even get me started :) During the evening…actually after the film, we met at a dear couple’s house and went over some questions from the movie…I won’t say them here…because it’ll give away the film a bit.

There was a part in the evening where each person went around the circle and shared some highlights from the film. Right before it was my turn to share…I found myself in another place, another land…called India…

The music that happened to be playing during our sharing was from our time at Sughad…on the outskirts of Ahmedabad…in this area, there’s more open space…spread out fields of brown, green.

There were so many precious moments when this music was played while we stayed at Sughad. There are a variety of sounds in the background playing…flutes, recorders…sitars I’m sure.

“One” special dinner at Sughad was in silence. This beautiful music was playing in the background, there were flowers at the table…a long table where we all sat down to eat at…we were served with such graciousness and hospitality during this silent dinner…and I found myself getting teared up…almost like I remembered this moment from another time…just walking off the plane and into the arms of India felt familiar and heartwarming.

Here we were…volunteers eager to serve and we had to let ourselves be served…many times we were eager to turn the tables on Manav Sadhna volunteers and there were some hilarious moments…such as a Be the Cause volunteer running after Manav Sadhna/ESI staff to wash a dish or the like. :)

This dinner and many others were entirely satisfying and special because they were created with such sacredness and a purity that was and is so mysterious, loving, and entirely precious.

So getting back to the “One” movie…hearing that music of Indian meditations…brought me back…it’s so funny how one song, or an aroma, a taste of a certain kind of food can fill all the senses in no time at all. In this moment, before it was my turn to share the highlights of this movie..and what it meant to me…I was reminded of the oneness we all experienced in Ahmedabad…and the sweet, “tatooed on my heart” fulfillment of that.

Namaste! My…excuse me…our hearts are with yours…

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  • Angela

    This was so sweet and beautifully said Gianna. Thank you for sharing and putting what I was thinking in words!

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