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Change of Heart Weekend

Bill gave us permission to post his very kind thoughts about Change of Heart Weekend:
It’s early (at least for me) Monday morning……

I slept soundly last night and woke thinking of the incredible weekend, portions of which I shared with each of you (except for Mihn who I did beach clean up with weeks ago)…..

My thanks and compliments to each of you for the way you contributed to me and others by your presence and “outreach”….. in my comings and goings I was repeatedly “welcomed” as was my Mom……..

Memories of you and the weekend will be in my mind along with other “treasured memories” for some time to come….

I’m hopeful that we’ll share again time and space and fulfilling, nurturing activities…

For Mihn….. I hope that this finds you well…. hope your trip down under was great and that your work and other activities are satisfying…

For Lan (Marie)…. best wishes, keep smiling & thanks from me and the VN family in Fullerton

For Paul….. good wishes to you my friend, thanks for your patience, interest, care and concern…. you’re a good listener and I’m ready to sign up for lessons on culture and bridging the generation gap…

For Kelly…. thanks for the presentation, sharing yourself and your family and energy…. I’ve signed up for the mail list and look forward to getting involved locally and ?????

For Sukh….. sorry the tooth fairy was late…. thanks for being such a blessing to the community and to me…. please feel free to pass this, portions, extracts or ??? on to others I know Anne, Michelle, Ben and others were incredibly involved in making the weekend so meaningful…. I’m not able to put my hands on their email addresses at the moment…. my life would be simpler if I were “better” organized….

Again to ALL….. thanks immensely, know that you’ve “been the cause” in enriching my life…..


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