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I Live in CA but I Touched a Soul in South Africa

I would like to send out a very grateful thank you to everyone who attended our compassion cell last nite. It was 6:15 p.m. and I was wondering if anyone was coming? So far only the SA travelers and a few volunteers had shown up. But it was one amazing nite. Slowly, a steady flow of people came. I remember the visual image of Shaheda’s living room, in which one corner we had a few bags of donations, some overflowing with stuffed animals.

By the time we had completed our talk, there were so many people in the house that the door would not even open due to all the shoes blocking it! Even as we thought we were wrapping up the night, more people came.

The moment that made my heart sank.. towards the end of the night I walked into Shaheda’s living room and there were donations everywhere!!!! I stood in the middle overwhelmed by the sight. We had so many the I was actually worried that we may not be able to take it all!

So most of today instead of packing and getting my personal self ready for this trip, I spent the day trying to coordinate how we could take all this stuff. Who’s bag is empty?? As stressed as I am, I smile. For this ironic moment of stress is easily comforted by the vision of people walking through the door with bags of clothes. As cold and rainy as it was, they all came.

All of you have been in my thoughts today. Please thank all the family members who took the time out to put a drop in the bucket to fill the glass.

Lots of Love,


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