Be the Cause

Some poetry written on train to Taj

Your Beauty is Shining

I saw you in my dreams
and now I see you here.

Your beauty is shining,
lighting this dismal path.

Your smile overcomes me.

Some would say you have little.
I would say you have more
than I bargained for…

You fill me with tenderness.
You fill my heart and it’s hard
because I don’t know if I’ll be back.

But hold my hand
and feel the love ripple through.

The songs, the prayers…
bless me deeply.



Feeling the rumble of the train
diving into life, climbing through towns, farms, sunrise…

Train springs to life
and some fall asleep, some find themselves awake.

Traveling, traveling…

Here we go.

Not important what daily tasks haunt me back home.

Not important the struggle to stay on top of bills or people misunderstanding…

Train–jumps on the tracks…moving right along, on a straight line.

We go fast, but steady and life is not what it was.

By Gianna

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