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We didn’t see a lot in India

We didn’t see a lot in India…

We didn’t see at lot of money, we saw a lot of love.
We didn’t see mansions, we saw welcome mats in huts.
We didn’t see dirt, we saw bucket baths.
We didn’t see lice, we saw oil massages.
We didn’t see people without food, we saw a hand serve them roti.
We didn’t see dirty nails, we saw loving hands with clippers.
We didn’t see someone loseWeight Exercise his mobile, we saw someone walk a mile to return it.
We didn’t see holes in the shawl, we saw someone offer it against the cold.
We didn’t see someone give biscuits to a beggar, we saw someone feed them to him.
We didn’t see Hurry, we saw Hari.
We didn’t see Hosts, we saw Family.
They didn’t see Guests. They saw God.

In fact, we didn’t see India at all. We saw Manav Sadhna in Action.


  • michele

    That is so beautiful. Thank You.

  • Biba

    So very beautiful put. Thanks for that blog, and thanks for spreading kindness, compassion, and dedication. You all are creating such beautiful change. Peace and Smiles, Biba

  • Thanks Bharti, you made me laugh AND cry today.

    See you soon I hope!

    -love jeska

  • Rajat

    It is so beautiful.Thank You for your message.

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