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Plane ride back with Mr Congeniality

Albert may have mastered the blog….don’t know about me – this is my first time…but here goes. I am back, safe and sound. I may have been instructed by Lanie to look after Supun, but I think it was the other way around. After a baggage cart race (which I lost thanks to a broken wheel), we managed to get seats together. Which was a good thing as I got a good head rest on Supun’s shoulder (it was either Lean on Supun or Instant Decapitation of my lolling-in -the-aisle head by rushing flight attendants or Instant Severance of my sticking-out-in-the aisle foot by food carts). Didn’t get to teach him rummy as he slept for 90% of the ride. Which made me mad as I couldn’t sleep and you know what lack of sleep does to me (that plus plane seats made for midgets and getting paneer makhanni three meals in a row). I told Supun I would pinch and punch him awake and earned the Genghis Khan Award from him. I also told him I would throw the paneer makhani clear across the plane and got “Talk! Talk! Talk! No action!” from him. Luckily for the passengers it was mushrooms (which I hate as much as Sukh’s cat) but I had not made any promises to fling mushrooms – hence it stayed congealed and uneaten on the plastic tray and I ate the rice three grains at a time (only portion allowed on the midget-sized forks). It was ok for Supun to be all wide eyed and bushy-tailed as he got sleep AND coq au vin. Then just as I finally fell asleep, I was rudely awakened by the attendant for breakfast (which didn’t appear for another hour). Great! He lets Sleeping Supuns lie and wakes me…ME! on the verge of going genghis on everyone. Wait! There’s more. I was asked EIGHT times for my boarding pass and whether I was Neerav Patel (may he rot wherever he is – because it delayed our flight by an hour and a half). And …..Wait ! It gets worse (or better in your case). We land in LA and Malaysia Airlines has lost MY bags this time…Yes! I know you 15 are laughing, but this was not funny….and Supun being Supun did not laugh. (I think he is trying for the Gandhi Award)
So that’s it. Oooops…this is a Be the Cause Blog, so I guess I should mention something about Love and Compassion and World Peace…so there you go.
God bless everyone and to those who are still in India, your Mama loves you all and come back safe! Bharti


  • Dearest Bharti,

    U never fail to make me snicker. Ha! (which mean yes here)….I understand all u went thru…funny with the head lolling vs shoulder…and carts flying thru…and seats made for midgets…yes! Awww…karma cat…rejected again!

    Miss u!!! Loved the lunch with lil’ bharti, smeeta and u and Supun. That was a rich experience..thx for including me. It was so sweet…I walk up and they just asked me to lunch…that’s just a start of the hospitality we felt in Ahmedabad…

    Ciao bella and thanx for an awesome experience…just call me coughy…but I’m getting over it…and train ride in sleeper class…felt heavenly actually…nice and warm too.

    see u soon!

  • Karuna

    OKie… I know its not funny.. but i did laugh hard.. and lost my place on the blog :) I can’t beleive they lost your bags… actually I can. As sukh says.. the universe works in wonders.. or somethin like that :)

    I hope you got them back in one condition.

    love karuna :)

  • Laura

    I can’t believe I’m just now reading up on all these blogs from our trip to beautiful India last year! Oh what sweet, wonderful memories… (except for the never-ending plane rides!)

    Oh My Gosh, this blog is just way too funny!!! Bharti, YOU CRACK ME UP!! I want to bust out laughing as I’m reading this blog, but my husband is sleeping peacefully and I’m afraid to wake him at this hour…so I’m laughing in silence!! :0)

    HEY! I don’t know what you have to complain about… try stuffing a BIG Samoan Girl, 3x’s your size, into those dang midget seats!!! I felt like an elephant in a small bird cage!!!!!
    But at least I did manage to get some sleep… and my bags all arrived safely. It was a great trip and having YOU with us made it fun and humorous! :0)


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