Be the Cause

Taipei, Taiwan

So after a 14 hour flight, we have finally landed in the International Airport of Taiwan. A bunch of us have been sneaking around the airport trying to escape, but they won’t let us out of the airport. We figure we would honestly say that we visited Taiwan only after breathing its fresh outdoor air. After a few trys we were thwarted by the authorities. Be the Cause definetely leaves a mark everywhere we go.

Instead we snuck into a VIP lounge to get some free internet access. We love international travel!!!

We are all doing good. Some of us jetlagged, some of us ready for the next leg of the journey, but all of us ready to do something good with our lives. Everyone is healthy.

Our flight to Kaula Lampur boards in a few minutes. We stay there for about 7 hours before making our way to Ahmedabad, India. More later!

Life is good.

Sukh and Supun
Be the Cause Tiawan Division :)


  • Srini

    Hey BTC India Service Team,

    Good luck with your service and hopefully you’ll all have a wonderful service time and be healthy.

    Good luck,
    Life is Good (sorry Sukh.. I had to steal your statement).
    .. Srini

  • Bill

    Sooooo Glaaaaad to hear news of you and the “group”….. Thought of you and the Holidady Party yesterday and of the “gift” you all are wherever you are……

    Thanks for being, sharing, caring…. best wishes in serving and being served…..


  • sonali fiske

    Hey Sukh!

    We were just in Taipei yesterday…. weird! Just missed you by a few hours, I think. Just returned home, to southern Cali from Sri Lanka, after out tsunami relief project there. I’m stuck in reverse though…. reliving the amazing journey we’ve had over & over again.

    We’re thinking of you guys & with you in spirit. Can’t wait to read your story as it unfolds from Ahmedabad.

    Keep writing….

    Kevin & Sonali (Fiske)

  • Everday you are in my thoughts. Feeling so proud to know a group such as you and the service work you are doing. May you stay healthy and hold a dear child close to you for me. Love, Joanne

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