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AIDS Food Store of Long Beach


My name is Gene Fay and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so very much for all of your wonderful volunteers who assisted us at my church today. My church is Christ Chapel (AIDS Food Store of Long Beach) and today we celebrated our 24th annual Thanksgiving dinner for all the people who needed a thanksgiving dinner. About 30 BE THE CAUSE volunteers showed up and assisted in all aspects of our Thanksgiving program from dishing food , prepping in the kitchen to washing dishes and taking out trash and most importantly by giving their unconditional love and warmth to the guests of our Thanksgiving Dinner ( these guest are mostly homeless, people afflicted with AIDS, and jut those that needed a place to belong on Thanksgiving).

So I say a great big thank you to you all one and all and the world is a better place simply from the acts of kindness I enjoyed being a part of today..

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