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In Honor of Selflessnes

Inspired by Thich Naht Hanh Peace Is Every Step Walk on October 8th at MacArthur Park

In Honor of Selflessness
by Moses Shalom October 8 2005

When he finally

Found truth

He found


Is empty

He found


From pain

He found

For all beings

Form is emptiness
Emptiness is form

Reality is void

Neither created

Nor destroyed

Neither perfect

Nor imperfect

Neither increasing

Nor decreasing.

In emptiness

There are

No forms

No feelings

No conceptions

No differences

No sensations

No awareness

No consciousness.

Neither ignorance

Nor end of ignorance

Neither death

Nor end of death

Neither suffering

Nor end of suffering

Nor cause of suffering

No pathway

No revelation

No attainment

And therefore

No obstacles

No fears

No lies.



All beings

Find the truth

That ends

All suffering:

All gone, gone

Completely gone

To the faraway shore

Of Being

And Celebration

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