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A second summer

What I love best about the winter is skiing…and have had many cool trips to Colorado in the past…but I’m looking forward to a second summer amongst 16 other travellers. What irks me about this time of year: it’s not christmas because there is something magical about that, but it’s the constant consumerism, materialism…around end of November, sales are advertised on TV and on the radio. The christmas music starts being broadcast on radio stations and before you know it, Christmas is the catch phrase without even being able to take a breath after Thanksgiving turkey. What I love entirely is that we will be serving children in orphanages and hanging out with some street kids we viewed in a documentary this last September. This feels entirely right to me this December…giving in this way. I still plan to return home and gift my family, friends, but this Christmas will definitely not resemble any other Christmases I’ve experienced. And I am grateful for Christmases I’ve had…the pre christmas fan fare is just one that I’m happy to escape from this year!
And I so look forward to this adventure ahead!

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  • Dr. Gretchen

    As I stir my coffee this wet morning in Southern CA, I visualize you unfolding your bones and stepping out into the cradle of civilization, and I am filled with hope. Kiss the earth for me.
    Sending love and energy, Gianna – g

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