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Walk for Hope 2005

Well, we’ve finished another great Walk for Hope! Right now, my body feels every single minute invested, but my heart is grateful for having had the opportunity to be involved in such a positive event. If just one person can be positively impacted the way I was 3 Septembers ago, then all my time is well worth it. I’m not suggesting that the world is so much better because I attended a WFH, but I am better. My life reflects something better than it did before. The other day, someone wanted me to answer the question, “How do you do it all? How do you balance working full time, going to school, and volunteering?” The answer is pretty simple. There is nothing heroic about it. Once a person embarks on a journey of service, they no longer say, “I would get involved if I just had more time…” because they realize that time is all they really have. Facing the injustice and suffering in the world becomes of urgent importance. Doing anything possible to make someone’s life a little better becomes a high priority. The personal rewards from this somehow magically create more time and more opportunities to serve and the journey continues. I really love and appreciate WFH. I’m actually a little sad that its over. But I’ll make due until next year by holding on to the inspiration and HOPE that I recieved today. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.


  • Yoo-Mi

    Well done everyone! I wish I could have been there with you today, walking, helping out, and being inspired. I hope our emissaries from the San Francisco Bay Area conveyed my greetings and warm wishes.

    Looking forward to the pictures.


  • Ann Nguyen

    Dear Be the Causers,
    Thank you so much for yesterday’s Walk for Hope. As always I am so grateful for the inspiration that surrounds this event. Everything from the High school volunteers, to the music, to the activities, gives my life meaning. I find myself more reflective, more in touch with my world, and more open to change. The activity “Cross the Line” was a sharp reminder of how we judge and are judged. It reminds me how painful looks, words, and rejection can be to another human being. The activity “Pick your cause” was also important. So often we say that we support different causes but really don’t do anything for that cause. Walking with the bracelet naming the cause was a great reminder of why we walk, why in fact we are here on this earth.
    I was so happy to see the many different non profits who were represented. Isn’t it amazing to think of how many wonderful groups are working to make our world a better place? I was particularly grateful for the organizations who were recipients of whatever money was raised. I know their work is vital and I am grateful that we can help them in some way.
    Finally, a special thanks to Sukh who first introduced me to Be the Cause, and who has constantly been a source of inspiration to me. I know that you don’t need/want any recognition, but your radiance provides such HOPE for our world.
    Once again, thank you to all of you who took the time to get the Walk prepared. You are all BEAUTIFUL people.
    Love and Peace,
    Ann Nguyen

  • michele

    From Sonali Fiske / Life Nets

    The inspiration is mutual, Michele. I feel incredibly blessed by the miracle of your friendship & Be The Cause at large. Do you realize how much compassion & inspiration you all exude? It’s positively contagious!

    So, thank you very much for all that you do. The Walk was a fantastic experience. I’ll never forget it.


  • michele

    From Connie Watson / People who Care Youth Center

    Hey there,

    I hope you and the others are getting some much deserved rest. Again, I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing to make our planet a better place. My kids had a chance to see many different people doing something together because they care about others. There was a lady behind us who had trouble getting her canopy up, and they all pitched in and helped until it was up (one of them even cut their finger, but didn’t mind at all). I brought this particular group for a reason, and my goal was supremely achieved. We also made a couple of good contacts and just had a good time. By the way, one of our kids accidentally left our autographed photos of the Laker Girls. If anyone has turned them in, please let me know. The debate we had about who would get up nerve to go ask for them was too cute. Also, thanks for the supplies. We couldn’t get as many as I thought in the van, but if there are more left, we can make arrangements to pick them up. By all means, let’s stay in touch.

  • michele

    From Alka / Power of Love

    Hi Michelle, Stacey, and Sukh: My family and I had a wonderful time at the WFH last Saturday. It was very well organized and it seemed that every piece of the event had been thought out and rehearsed in advance by all of you. I met several people and they asked many questions about Power of Love. A big thank you to all of you from POL – you inspire me with your single mindedness to help those in need.

    Looking forward to more such events.
    Alka Subramanian
    Power of Love Foundation
    Ph: 858-342-5783

  • michele

    Thank you for everything and everyone at Be the Cause!
    It was a great day.
    We will definitely be part of the Walk for hope next year and many more years to come.
    It is a positive strong force to be part of.
    Love to all ~
    Satya Kaur

  • Sukh


    Carola, Nadja and I had a blast. You guys deserve medals from the UN for all that you do. We thought it was great too. In addition, the band that played was fantastic. Also do you have a list of all the quotes that were up along the walk. I heard many people say, the wished they had pen and paper to write them down. They are so inspirational.

    Thanks You all again so very much,

    Scott, Carola and Nadja Pearlman

  • Raquel

    I realy enjoyed the walk. It was great experience to have with my mom and brother….

    Especially the quotes- we each took turns reading them aloud.

    I really loved that I got to be part of it as little I was! It really does something for me to know I can help out….
    AnD – t’s such an honor to observe and watch how ya’all pulled it together. I often brag about “Be The Cause” because everyone is sooooo soooo energetic, giving and gets it done (whatever it happens to be!) Since I’ve started working with BTC, I’velearned that spreading compassion is the key to making a difference. I hope that as my mind grows, my understanding of this world will too!


  • Haleema Sood

    It was just wondeful and perfect Michele. You and Sukh and everyone involved did a fantastic job…it couldn’t have been better! Thank you for doing this for all of us who desire a peaceful world.

    Haleema :)

  • Jeska

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I thought the Walk for hope was absolutely amazing this year!!! Thankyou so much to everyone who attended and to all of you who worked so hard to make it a success.

    A few years ago I suggested a quote to use along the walk route. It’s been an inspiration to me for years. My highlight this year was coming around the corner and laughing when I saw it. There was a group of Charity Focus kids gathered around it taking a group photo.

    The work we do keeps on giving. The quote I contributed is still inspiring walkers years later.

    I think that is the most important thing that the walk has taught me. It doesn’t end when the walk is over. It’s the start of a ripple that becomes a wave. It’s kids in South Africa who are going to school because of a donation, who will one day be doctors. It’s families in Sri Lanka who can start a new life. It’s my best friend meditating for the first time at the park.

    It’s just the beginning.

    Thank you!!!!!!

    -Love jeska

  • Joanne Baker

    Hi to Sukh and Be the Cause Volunteers,
    What a wonderful day it was yesterday under the trees, all there together for the Walk for Hope.
    I continue to feel so very humbled by the experiences I have with you and the service work that you do. It was obvious the time, care and love you all put into this very special day.
    Some of the walkers that came said they did not expect the “stations” and were very touched by the experience.
    Thank you for so much and for sharing yourselves in such a way.
    Also it was a pleasure to meet Sukh’s father. He must have been very proud of his son’s work and those that support the same values.
    Seeing so many of the South African group’s faces made my heart surge with emotion for all that we shared. I thank you for continuing to be so supportive of our work in S.Africa.
    You will be please to know that as of about two weeks ago, we managed to send $5,000 to Jenny and “the boys at Howick” that you visited at Howick Falls. They are under a non-profit group so that we now can help Jenny with monies for salaries (often just $4.00 a day) to help with these worthy children and young boys. Their group is called GECKO (Give Each Child Kindness and Orientation). Your extra trip to see them gave them hope and connection that someone “out there” cares. Thank you so much for allowing us to extend our outreach to them.
    Holding Be the Cause close to my heart for Walk for Hope creates just that – HOPE.
    Gratefully, Joanne

  • Faith

    Dear Sukh,
    Thank you for allowing Evren the privilege of participating in your phenomenal event today, and heartfelt congratulations for all you have accomplished. From my vantage point, I’ve watched you mature into a very eloquent and powerful man, gifted at rousing minds and hearts to generate enormous constructive change. It gives me great peace of mind knowing you’re at work, and that there’s a kindred community, a brotherhood, for Evren to grow into.
    Best, best wishes and thank you again,

  • Be The Cause
    Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to truly understand and feel the meaning and purpose of Be The Cause and be a part of the Walk. My soul relished every moment I spent with “Walk For Hope”.
    There were so many energetic and committed volunteers. Every volunteer has a unique inner strength and positive approach to give to the Walk.
    Humanitarian Organizations are serving the people in their own spiritual way and beneficiary is The Universe.
    To inspire these volunteers and to bring these non-profit extremely committed organizations together on one platform is a very formidable work and Be The Cause has done it exceedingly well.
    It was very well organized and very well attended Noble Event.
    Loudest Cheers
    Longest Standing Ovation
    Heartiest Congratulations on the Grand Success of Walk For Hope.
    God Bless you
    Tarlok Singh

  • Neerav

    Many thanks to all that made this past weekend possible. We had the easiest job this weekend: to show up and walk (or volunteer, in my case), but we did not see the endless hours of preparation that went into making the weekend so memorable. Most of those that came down this weekend had not been to a Walk before so they came down with what they had heard from past Walkers, but I think I can safely say that everyone that participated left with a greater understanding of why this event is so special.

    Some of the highlights for me included seeing a young boy participate in the “Lines That Divide Us” activity, which I think was one of the most moving activities this weekend. Due to some changes in needs it seems that one aspect of the walk that almost went unrepresented was the memory of those who perished during 9/11. However, as pointed out to me by one of the BTC volunteers she felt that a Walk without 9/11 recognition wouldn’t be the same so she took it upon herself to organize a small table dedicated to that day. I was certainly moved by the genuine love and compassion in this woman’s voice as she explained how important it was that this table be there at the walk. One walker approached me randomly to ask me how I was connected to the walk and I told him that we were CFers and as a result BTC’s friends from the North. He looked quite surprised and inspired by the simple fact that we had 3-4 carloads of people that had driven down all the way for the walk. Which brings me to thank those that drove all of us down and back from Los Angeles.

    Finally I cannot send this email without thanking the entire Be The Cause crew for all they do everytime we come down. From opening their homes, to taking care of us, to coming out after the walk despite being up since 4-5am to have dinner with us the BTC crew truly makes a trip to LA something I want to mark on my calender a year or more in advance.


    PS: In case you didn’t get it Fred has posted pictures from the weekend

    PPS: Look for a post in the next few days on the CF blog so you can post your comments and stories there.

  • Catherine

    Stacey you did a fabulous job getting the activites organized. This event opened my eyes to the effort that goes into putting on a Walk. My contribution was so small in comparison to the blood, sweat and tears everyone put in. I’m grateful that I was able to be a part of the inpirational event with all of you!

    –Cathy Davidson

  • Here is a good quote:

    If hope is a flower in the sky then I’m the root in the ground.

    was good to see a bunch of good people walking together having fun and talking

  • Maushmi

    Dear Sukh,

    I’m really sad that I couldn’t participate in the walk this year. I was really looking forward to it, but the circumstances were such that I had to cancel my trip. I thought about flying out of Austin, but that didn’t work out either. The more I read about it on the blog and the more pictures I look at online, the more I feel like I really missed out. At the sametime, I’m glad it turned out to be such a spectacular event that touched many lives in unimaginable ways. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, but I wanted to send this small gift toward WFH expenses. I’m truly blessed to be a of Be the Cause.

    Thank you,

    PS If there are any left over, I would love to have one of the WFH t-shirts. Thanks!! :)

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