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Spreading Smiles Spreading Happiness

He is not a physician, yet people here at the Methodist Hospital in Houston call him ‘Doc’ because he ‘cures’ them of everyday mundaneness by bringing a smile on their faces and brightening their day. He does that by handing out mints –“tokens of love” is what he calls them– to everyone he comes across. “I feel out of place on days when I don’t have any mints to give,” he said with a smile on his face that was truly contiguous. My brief encounter with him uplifted my spirits and brought me happiness. Earlier I had read an interesting articleabout the connection between an act smiling and happiness…”It is assumed that a bright smile stems from happiness, but research has also shown that genuine happiness can stem from a smile. Even a smile called forth when you don’t necessarily feel like smiling can trigger the release of endorphins, brightening your day.” His gesture of kindness is simple, yet powerful and uplifting. Thanks, Doc, for making countless people smile. :-)

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