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On Saturday, June 18th, the Baha’is of Aliso Viejo presented Be the Cause with an award for its work on uniting individuals in the common goal of service. It was a most awkward feeling.

I stood with a crystal award in my hand, smiling like a little boy at the podium. Faces stared back at me waiting for a recollection of our four year journey. But that did not happen. Instead, I stated as proudly as I could that none of this had anything to do with us.

The true recipient of this award was neither an organization, nor an individual, but rather a silent emotion that moves us all to action. It is that compassion within us that forces us to create new organizations, inspires us to help others and calls us back to our true nature. Compassion exists in all of us.

So we accepted the award, not only on behalf of Be the Cause volunteers, but also on behalf of everyone in that room, and everyone reading this newsletter. Thank you to all of you for having Compassion in your hearts and to the Baha’is for their continued dedication to make the world a better place.

May you and I truly unite in our love for humanity and in our compassion for each other.

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  • D. F.

    Dear Sukh,
    Congratulations to YOU, Sukh, and all those affiliated with Be the Cause!
    Compassion……It is, indeed, the NEED of all mankind. Your humble, compassionate spirit, Sukh, is what touches the hearts of those you encounter.
    Thank you for BEING.

  • Sukh


    Firstly Congrats to all of you on the BTC Award – well deserved! Great things are happening and shall continue to happen I’m sure. Its all done with the right spirit and heaps of compassion. Congratulations again to each and every team member. Awesome!
    – Prerna

    I hope this email finds you in good health and spirits. I wanted to wish you congratulations on the award recently received. Your words of acceptance was truly the essence of the compassion all volunteers share. There is truly something amazing when everyone gets together and provides service, differences no longer pose barriers, but work together in of harmony.
    – Bidar Lally

    congrats on the award. you truly capture the spirit of service and the
    spirit of humanity that drives all us to go beyond us all.
    – paras

    congrats on getting the award.

    woo-woo…way to go btc! And Sukh’s speaking of course was great…! Very inspirational as always…

    I enjoyed—even through some of the tear jerking moments :)…like that poem about homelessness…way whoa.
    – gianna

    Dear 2005 Models of Unity Award Participant:

    On behalf of the Baha’is of Aliso Viejo, I would like to thank you for your
    participation in the 2005 Models of Unity Award. We were honored to have
    you in our presence and encourage you to continue the great service you have undertaken.
    – Teri Knoll-Binaei

  • Sukh

    This is not a speech, not a note of thanks..This is
    the voice of Universe coming from a pure, selfless
    heart penetrating into the souls of listeners and
    readers. This world IS becoming a better place with
    every pace of your Walk.

    GOD Bless you & BTC

  • Farshad

    Congratulations to all the Be the Cause members for all their selfless and dedicated services to make this world a better place.

    May you be even more successful in communicating to a broader audience what a difference service to humanity makes in peoples lives all over the world, as well as changing the life of the individual undertaking these services.

    With Warmest Regards, Farshad

  • Dear Sukh and BTC,
    It is with great pride that I witness this acknowledgement of your work. You have accomplished so much in this short period of time and changed the lives of others for the better. What greater legacy than to do that in your lifetimes. Much love, Joanne (Tias Arms)

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