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A fun filled, incredibly powerful eve…with Tias Arms

As I drove up to this fourth annual celebration, which already looked beyond beautiful with gorgeous flowers overhanging gorgeous architecture and greenery within sight, I felt an instant ease in my soul.

How did Tias Arms begin?

“[My] birthday happened to be around the corner and I took the opportunity to invite friends, old and new, to a party asking for support in beginning the dream of TIAS ARMS. We collected donated goods including art, trips and items left from my former Timbuktu Folk and Tribal Art Gallery and held a silent auction along with dinner and dancing. Friends unable to attend sent generous donations and a surprisingly sizable amount of money was raised. I was overwhelmed at the volume of support. Willing friends stepped forward to form a Board and the Law Firm of Latham and Watkins secured our non-profit status pro-bono. TIAS ARMS was born!”-Joanne Baker

Joanne was born in South Africa and just this last December, seventeen Be the cause volunteers were honored with her delightful, and informational presence on our adventure to Cape Town and Durban in South Africa to give love and donations to the many children infected with HIV/AIDS. Her bright, wise outlooks and the love she continues to give to the children is highly exceptional and phenomenal.

When an email went out asking for volunteers for this fourth annual event, there was no question in my mind…for me to assist. Despite not being able to help out in the pre-planning, I arrived early to the event and learned about the silent auction and when and where I would be volunteering. Right away, I felt embraced by this volunteer team. We met in a room away from the dining area, and wished a fellow volunteer a happy birthday and practiced a song…”I am Woman, Hear Me Roar.” I joined this group onstage to sing to the audience before us…and at that moment, I realized that the song was for a woman who has been an incredible help and model of kindness for Tias Arms. when I realized this, I felt completely proud to be belting this song out to the blur of colorfully attired beings seated.

Before this singing, people milled around looking at the beautiful items up for auction, a band drummed for the crowd out on the grass, and a talented woman engaged other women in head wrapping with bright, beautifully printed fabric.

Dinner began and presentations of value were directed toward the groups of people at decorated, circular tables. Joanne showed pictures of her experiences with the children in South Africa, and Michele from Be the Cause clearly spoke of what BTC experienced in South Africa and what Be the Cause continues to participate in as a group…for communities, and for the globe.

Toward the end of the evening, receipts were added up and winners of the auction were given their unique, original gifts…

The night wasn’t over yet and I was thrilled…some sounds of disco emerged from the dining area. A band started on a series of hits, and Tias Arms attendees followed suit and danced until the band decided to pack up for home.

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  • Kim

    It was such a spectacular evening. Michele’s report about Be The Cause’s recent trip to SA was very moving and helped illustrate the tragedy and miracle of SA.

    For those who weren’t able to attend, get ready for the blowout celebration in 2006 as Tias Arms celebrates five years!

    Much love to BTC and all you do!
    Kim Baker Raymond

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