Be the Cause



For friends and family
for laughter and tears
for hikes in the mountains
for strolls on the sand
for solitude and union
for rainy storms when thunders roars and lightening falls
for dips in the ocean on a sweltering day
for passionate kisses leading to lazy afternoons lying next to you
for quiet mornings of reading in bed
for music whose notes make my heart soar
for moonless nights when the stars shine brightly
for shimmery sunrises and silent sunsets
for chocolate cake and celebrations
for cool breezes when the sun burns bright
for doves who outside my window alight
for kisses of hello and hugs of goodbye
for strangers who bestow beautiful smiles
for kindnesses I give onto others
for a baby’s breath
for a cats purring sound
for dreams and dance
for poetry and prose
for silence and solace
for magic and mystery
for longing and love
for every moment….


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