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Walk for Hope – Thank you

What attendees had to say about the event:

The day was wonderful. Very Inspiring

My spirits are so high!! What a great way to start the weekend. Mush love to all!!

My day was fantastic with my friends and I felt happy to help you.

My day was so nice walking for something that I know is changing someone’s life.

Today I made a difference.

I really enjoyed myself and look forward to the next time.

Beautiful day…”inspirational”… Thanks to all!

Great walk + glad I was here! xoxo

Today was amazing. Not only was the walk amazing fun, it was really inspirational. May favorite was the many quotes so, thank you.

Today was amazing, inspiring and uplifting! Great to share the positive vibration! Much Love & Aloha, Briana Kai

I had a wonderful time! Great cause and lovely people!

Today I made a difference.

Amazing event! I was truly inspired and couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a Saturday morning. Thanks!

I had a phenomenal time! Was my first time too!

I like the playground and the walk and the food. From Aadi, Age 6

This was my very first time. Had a great walk, good time with friends. Thanks to all the volunteers for their awesome work and the free hug! Thank you!

Had a fabulous day! Loved the quotes!

Awesome… I just got here for 6th year… Thank you for a GREAT day… Thanks volunteers. Bill A.

I had a wonderful day filled with positivity, motivation, encouragement and hope. So inspiring, coming back next year!

I had an amazing day. The walk is beautiful and all the posters creative. I will be back next year! All for Hope! Mariah

Amazing organization. Want to help again next year.

Delightful – age 9

Wonderful! Blessed to be here! Thank you.

Today was wonderful. I’m so glad I got to participate in this event and can’t wait until next year!

This was such a beautiful start to my day! I am inspired and touched by all the good I saw today. I loved the “free hug.” Thank you to ALL the volunteers for putting on such a great event.

Great day! Thanks, Josephine

It was fun stuff! Thanks, Samantha

Amazing! I love volunteering for Walk for Hope.

Great walk, inspiring, motivating, refreshing. Ready to “be the cause” and take action. – S. Dugal

This was an amazing walk. Had the best time.

Walk – Awesome!
Posters – Awesome!
Nature – Awesome!

Good day after all!!

Amazing, Inspiring, Motivational. Thank you! Demi

May day is always good – Dadima

Great event – very well organized and touching. Kiran

Our day was great. Inspiration. It was great to become familiar with all charities.

Our day went amazing. It’s always inspiring to be a part of something that has an ultimate goal helping make a difference in the world. Thank you

It was fun stuff. Thanks, Samantha

We had a wonderous time.

Thank you for another beautiful day of service and community.

Loved my time. Great group of people. Kim

Great day! Read the signs, took pics, met new people and learned where to volunteer.

Great walk. Glad to see so many people support the cause. Thank you.

I had, and am having, the most amazing weekend of my life the with most perfect person for me. 

This was my first time here. Had a great walk, good time with friends. Thanks to all the volunteers for their awesome work and the free hug! Thank you!

My day was very inspiring and I had fun!  Martha M.

Beautiful quotes along the walk. Was inspiring and moving. Enjoyed every inch. xoxo

An awakening day for me. All the posters of quotes were inspiring and thought provoking. Thank you for putting this event together. It is so very appreciated! Mil Gracia

Very eye opening and inspiring. She you next year. Pat

Thank you for being the inspiration for the much needed change for humanity!


It was an amazing day. A good time to catch up with old friends and family.

Enjoyed the inspiration quotes. Thank you!

Nice to be around everyone.

It was an amazing experience! I would like to do this again! Kristin

It was an amazing experience! Loved the quote along the way—positivity all around me

Started off kind iffy, but now it’s going great!

Good exercise and sun with thoughtful excursions.

You made my day!!

Wonderful day for both grandma and grandson. Always uplifting! Thanks from Tonys Treehouse.

Today has been such a blessing filled with good vibrations! Very happy to be here another year! Be back next year!

Thanks! I enjoyed the beautiful quotes along the walk. It was a pleasure to see so many smiles on people’s faces. Pease & Love, Elizabeth C. End desire and suffering. That’s when we have peace among all.

Awesome! It’s a blessing to wake on this beautiful day! – Danielle

My day was very positive and filled with smiles.

A great day to share with my friends. Beck a Tony’s Treehouse

Fantastic day! Magical and inspiring. Thank you – Kimberly

Day was filled with positivity! – Jaimini

Great day! Very inspiring and fun at the same time.

Wonderful Day. Beautiful park. Nice people. A little breeze. Awesome!

It was a fun day and a lot of positive thoughts.

I am inspired after reading those words of wisdom. I felt love after meeting, hanging, and speaking to wonderful people. Much love, Fran

A day closer to finding and knowing peace.

My day started out good and has continued to get better. I enjoyed the walk.

A nice day! Food, fun and gardening with my baby.

A beautiful day filled with joy and positive energy and love. Thank you !!

Beautiful day for a walk. Thanks for organizing it. You have wonderful and friendly volunteers. Marietta, aka “Jeremy’s mom”

Day started good. Hand an amazing walk with beautiful quotes to inspire my day and days to come.

It was a very cool and special day!!

What am amazing event for the community—we felt the love!

Great day! Very inspiring and fun at the same time

Amazing, inspiring day! Amazing people, food and words of wisdom.

It was a lot of fun. I made crafts and went on a fun walk – age 7

It was a fun day and a lot of positive thought.

Very inspiring! Michelle

My day started out slow. BUT, when I came here and sensed the energy resonating around … — you all made my day. Thank you. Dipali


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