Be the Cause

Tomorrow, Haiti

12 travelers embark on a journey
They leave tomorrow
They wait in anticipation for the moment to arrive

Some of them are known to one another
they have traveled together before
to far off places like India and Sri Lanka

Some of them are strangers, meeting the rest for the first time

This time, they travel to Haiti
A place torn apart by earthquake, poverty and a health epidemic
But they don’t go to change Haiti
They go to find a piece of themselves hidden somewhere in the rubble
Where the lifting of a rock, cleaning up of debris, holding the hand of a gentle soul may remind us that each one of us is capable of giving in some way to one another

While there, the travelers hope to:
– Assist with Earthquake Clean-up efforts — Yes, even after a year and a half clean up work still remains
– Distribute supplies to displacement camps
– Provide instruction on the Cholera epidemic
– Initiate additional projects that might be deemed worthwhile while on the ground

Today, the travelers put in last minute touches to their packing
Tomorrow, a new beginning for all of them

More info on Haiti:
– Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
– Population: 10M
– Between 50K to 300K died from the Earthquake in January 2010
– More than a million remained homeless one year after quake


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