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Sri Lanka Tsunami Reconstruction Project

Kevin & I, (Sonali) are off to Sri Lanka on March 17 to launch a Boat Rebuilding Project in a coastal fishing village ravaged by the recent tsunami. Sri Lanka’s fishing industry lost over 22,900 vessels, devastating over 80 percent of poor fishermen’s livelihood.

Furthermore, the fishing population suffered 7,573 deaths; 6,586 missing; and 90,657 displaced persons. The few surviving residents of fishing communities severely lack adequate savings to replace theirs assets or meet the immediate food needs without outside assistance. The goal of this program is to begin immediate reconstruction of a fishing village to help fishermen resume fishing in the shortest time possible, so as to feed their families and their surrounding community, and to avoid the mass migration of displaced people to overpopulated cities.

We are operating under the auspices of LifeNets, a non-profit, humanitarian group based in the U.S. You can help become part of a hands-on process to this devastated area. Your support & caring can stand as a symbol of solidarity with our friends who are directly facing this crisis. Please stay tuned to learn more about this project & how you can help make a difference in the lives of these people.

I will report further from the field, upon arriving in Sri Lanka….. .

Sonali Fiske

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  • Michele

    Sonali, you and Kevin will be in our hearts and prayers. We’re so proud to have friends that don’t just talk about service, but are willing to sacrifice their own comfortable lives to help other people! It’s great to know you. Take Care and keep us posted!!! Ben & Michele

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