Be the Cause


  • Sukh

    What a great activity

  • Raju

    I’d like to bike across India.

  • Norma Rosen

    Be able to travel around the world participating in highly unique and colorful spiritual festivals. Learning to cook unique dishes and creating joyful memories to share with old and new friends…..Yep…First on my list is the celebration of the life of the Baba Sali at his Kever outside of Jerusalem… on my list next is the festival in India where the elephants are dressed in beautiful costumes, lights and ornaments around the time of Dawali….Igue Festival in Benin City I for sure need to see again!!YEP I have big plans! Thank G-d….Doing GOOD and Praying for long life is KEY!! @:~) !

  • gianna

    help kids, families, anyone suffering in many impoverished areas on our globe.

    learn a foreign language fluently :)

    finish a marathon

    have a family (kids) and awesome, loving partner

    climb some incredibly huge mountain for “fun”

    travel a lot-serve and make a difference with Be the cause and other friends, volunteer groups

    Go back to Italy, travel to Ireland and other European countries

    Write, write write-books, scripts, memoirs, poetry,etc

    Do what i love, love what I do

    Heal and enjoy moments with family and friends

    make a difference the best I can for Mother Earth and the universe

    Dance, Dance, Dance

  • ingrid

    i would love to volunteer -help children, old people,deppression suffreres

    make a diffrerence and relate to what they are going through in life

    appreciate that whatever i’m going through is not as critical as it is

    that life has a purpose when you help and not expect anything but you bring a smile to someone in need

  • Shantel Harden

    Before I leave this earth.. I would hope I’d accomplished many great things.. I want to be loved and love with all mine and his heart as one unconditionally just for each other of course. I want to travel the world meet new people. I want to smile every day of every second for weeks straight. I want to be a friend to everyone I meet. I want to look at not just the big things God has blessed my life with but also every single one of the small things he does for me every day. I want to remember to thank him in everything. I want to lift God up in everything that I do, say, and touch. I want to be a light shined for him. If all else fails in this life I just hope I lived a good enough one to make God and my family and loved ones smile. I want my family to be happy healthy and live a long joyful life for God. I want to live my life with someone that Im not settling for but someone that chose me and I chose him over everyone else in the world without any doubt hestitation or temptations. I just want to be in the arms of the one I love and loves me and surrounded by all my family and everyone I know with smiles on their faces.

  • Tarlok Singh

    I would like to visit my birth place in Pakistan before I complete journey of my life.

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  • Lic Courselle

    Before I die I would like to see my children secure & happy. I would like to see my grandchildren grown, educated, and on the path to an awesome life I would like to live long enough to see Autism have a cause & cure discovered. I would like to see a great deal of progress in the treatment of mental illness, with better medication, and better public understanding. I would like to write stories for children that I know they would love. I would like to see much, much, more of this beautiful country. I would like to leave this planet a little better than when I arrived. I am a grandmother, I have seen a lot, had happiness, suffering, and great love, I still have a huge capacity to love, dream, care & share, and I feel blessed everyday!

  • Bhairavi Asher

    Before I die …

    I would like to bring smiles and laughter to those around me;

    Learn to surf;

    Play outside more;

    Spend more time with my grandparents and other elders;

    Improve my Hindi;

    Use my career to help those who cannot help themselves, and so desperately need to get out of their oppressive countries.

    Before I die I would like to live.

  • work to save humanity , environment , values, peace and mutual respect

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